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Pencil lead in skin.....?
Can pencil lead stuck in your skin be harmful?

not really - not anymore. You have to have a LOT of lead exposure to get lead poisoning... 1 pencil is not enough to do it.

The worst thing about pencil lead stuck in your skin is that the black coloring never ever goes away :(

no not any more it is now non toxic years ago it used to be

Since pencil "lead" is really graphite, I doubt it. Probably not any more harmful than, say, tattoo ink or other things that might wind up under or embedded in your skin. K ;o)

don't worry about it. when my sister was in 2ND grade she did a cartwheel with a pencil in her pocket, (smart i know) anyways she's turning 18 next week and still has the tip of the pencil in her hip, its never caused any problems

you would have to have a REALLY old pencil for it to actually have "lead" in it. all pencils from the last quite a few decades have used graphite in place of the lead.

graphite in the skin is harmless to you. kinda looks silly having pencil on you though!

Joseph G
Nope, harmless. It will comeout to the surface in time.

Only concern is infection. Keep the wound clean.

If you can, soak the area, that will help to bring it up.

You won't get lead poisoning (the "lead" is graphite) but you could get an infection. Soak your hand and tryo to work it out or use fine tip tweezers.

I wouldn't worry, my daughter was stabbed in the arm with a pencil by her classmate when she was in 3rd grade. The pencil lead is still there....It just looks like a little tattoo. She is 13 now. She is fine. You will be fine.

Gwen K
pencil lead is now made of graphite so its not likely unless it gets infected

Only if it gets infected. Most pencils today do not contain lead, they're made from graphite. If you can get the "lead" out with fine tweezers, do it. Otherwise, clean the area well with soap and water, put some Neosporin on it and a clean band-aid. Watch the area for signs of infection - swelling, pain, redness, or pus. If that happens, see a doctor immediately. Most times, if it doesn't fully penetrate your skin (to where you bleed) your skin will eventually push it out on it's own - like a splinter.

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