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Miss Huggy Bear
Only one of my armpits have a bad odor, why is this?
I know it sounds crazy, but I never had a problem with body odor until now. Only one of my armpits has a bad odor and I don't know why. It's not my imagination...for several days now I've been monitoring this by bathing and using anti-perspirant and it's only been one armpit. I'm not on any medication and my diet hasn't changed.

You may have a clogged pore on that side. Feel around in the armpit for any lumps that seem close to the surface. You may be able to squeeze out the trapped, hardened (and foul smelling!) sebum. It'll be kind of like squeezing a zit. Afterwards, clean the area with a bit of alcohol, or better yet, soap and water.

I think You May Have To Take A Shower And Deoterant For A Whole Month Thats What helped me. :)


It's the same reason one breast is bigger than the other. Because your body can grow and develp in different ways

Sardine, Private Inbreastigator

do you have a rash under that armpit you could have a yeast infection from sweating- yes you can get them on your skin.you can pick up some Monistat from the pharmacy to see if it helps.shaveing will also help the problem. hope ypu find this useful...my dad and my bf had this problem before.


I've had that happen and it wasn't for the reasons given so far -- it seems
like it was from an excessive deodorant buildup and sometimes was BOTH
How? Lack of stringent scrubbing with the right soap and lack of sweating!
Try using small amount of chlorox or Lysol cleaner on wash cloth. Maybe even
lava soap, but get it clean, clean clean and don't use too much deodorant.
And USE A SCRUBBING WASH CLOTH not a softee Gentle pamper one.
Solution: After thorough cleansing-DO NOT USE ANTI-PERSPIRANT!!
An antiperspirant does NOT stop odor only sweating [which is the body's
natural way to cleanse itself]. Then rewash clothing under arms because
bacteria etc with deodorant buildup is still there! Use Lysol detergent if
that article of clothing can withstand it. you will beat this problem for life!
If foot odor: soak 30mins in chlorox+water 1 time per week for 3-5 weeks
after washing feet. [cause was bacterial buildup -- same as armpits!]

April Z
I'm the same way at times. I'm not sure why that is. Maybe I didn't use enough do that day under that arm, or maybe I sweat more under that arm. I don't know.

stinkly farts
that way you only smell half bad

Two or three charcoal capsules per day for several weeks can help absorb waste products and reduce fermentation that may be causing body odor.
Chlorophyll tablets can be taken by mouth to absorb body toxins and odors.
Sage tea, Salvia officinalis, or Sage extracts can be taken internally and an undiluted alcohol extract of Sage can be used under the arms.
Essential oils of Rosemary, Rosmarinus officinalis, and Thyme, Thymus vulgaris, can be used under the arms or on the feet.
Baking soda or body powder will keep affected areas dry and absorb or mask odors.
The diet should be improved to improve digestion, ensure regular bowel movements, and resolve constipation. There should be an increased intake of fluids to flush the system; six to eight glasses of water should be consumed daily.

Just double up on anti-perspirant on the arm pit that has the odor and see if that works..

its the arm u use the most probaly.

Try putting some rubbing alcohal on the area

you may have clogged pores - ask the doc to be sure

Arcana I
The reason why people develop foul body odor are many. It could be related to your diet, to the way you clean up your self, to your work, to your emotions, or even your hormonal profile at any given time. But most of the time it is due to the presence of bacteria that has colonized the sweat glands in your skin. This may be causing your odor. My suggestion is wash your body well using antiseptic soap, and always use deodorants that can control bacteria. If this won't work, you may consult a dermatologist for further evaluation and treatment.

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