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My veins r very visible under my skin. A green colour and they stand out a mile.Why is that? Is there a cure?

you have high blood pressure

Fred W
Varicose veins.
Vein removal.

if you're talking about veins in the legs, it depends whether you have fair complexion and thin there is a possibility that the vein under your skin may become visible or it may be varicose veins---these are caused by prolong standing,wearing high heeled shoes without support (stockings). the pressure of blood is being pressed thus making your blood vessels pop out or become visible under your skin because of prolonged standing.as for me, i suggest other than surgery is to avoid prolong standing, minimize or avoid wearing high heeled shoes or wear stockings(this is very helpful).and every night before going to sleep, try to elevate your legs so that your blood circulation will not only stay in one part of your body..^^

Yes there is a cure. if u live in australia i suggest http://www.splashbeauty.com.au/treatment/veins.html
I work for this clinic and it is fantastic!!!
if you are willing to pay the price for it to go away forever then i definately suggest it. they also do laser hair removal too.

its either varicose veins or your just really white i have the same problem on my chest and my eyes that's why i tan..

Julia H
Where you don't say. Perhaps your face, meaning you have a delicate complexion. Stay out of the sun.

A laser clinic may be able to help.

helen t
some people have very visible veins plus if your on the slim side then you`ll be able to see them more clearly too plus age plays a factor - veins are more visible in older people as the skins is thinner.

I would hazard a guess that you have a low percentage of body fat. My husband's blood vessels are also prominently - almost freakishly - visible, and a Dr. explain it was because of his low percentage of body fat.

My husband has never considered them unsightly, and he's never had any health or safety problems due to them.

I don't think there is a cure unless you are very thin and can manage to become obese, and surround those vessles with unhealthy fat - which would be far more of a health risk than would be wise to take for dealing with a primarily cosmetic issue.

Madame Morticia
Being able to see your blood vessels beneath your skin, probably just means you have very fair, pale skin. I'm like this myself.

Sometimes, when someone has a very pale complexion, or very light-coloured skit, it's possible to see veins in certain areas through the skin.

It's normal that your blood vessels beneath the skin appear bluish or greenish.

Hope this helps.

veins are blue green in colour they have no oxygen in them ..arteries have the oxygen rich blood. veins go to the heart arteries go away.

There's nothing you can do about it - in Tudor times it was considered very beautiful and evicence of good breeding.

J. L.
I have it too. i think it's just genetic.

I do care!
It is a trick of skin and light. The green look. It's actually more bluey-green. it's highly de-oxygenated blood. Which gives the apppearance of being blue.
The blood is in an artery not a vein. Arteries are wider, bigger and have the bluish appearance.

The fact your vein are really visible is a bonus. It makes trying to get blood or start an IV really easy. You don't want to cure this.
I wish I had your problem.

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