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 I have a small round circle slightly bigger than a two pound coin under my breasts. what has caused it?
i had a breast reduction aprox 3 months ago and have been left with this mark at top of my stomach. it is slightly raised and pinky but when i touch it hard it feels like nothing????...

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i have posion ivy on my face i have 2 days to get rid of it how can ...

 If food(diet) doesn't cause acne in teenagers, what does?
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do i really have lice?
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 At 28, I now have a lot of acne on my chin - what's causing it?
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 Mosquito bites?
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My son has a rash....what is it?
My 2 year old has a rash all over his legs, especially his knees in the back and I've discovered that diaper rash cream helps, but still have no idea what it is/was and what caused it, any ideas would be beneficial for my son's next check up.
Additional Details
Thank you for your answers, we had been told it was eczema, but it went away for a while and once this weather hit BOOM! Back again. I had tried EVERYTHING my doctor suggested, so the dro was my next option, I hated seeing my son have to go through all the crud just to find that dro helped.

I know it may be idiotic of me to post on here, but I just needed someone else's views, not just a doctor's, I have very little faith in them, since I myself and challenged since birth and they didn't even give me a 50-50 chance of survival.


has he had any needles yet =he could have heat rash or measles

sounds like eczema my son gets it to his is worse on his legs and his back starts as little bumps like a heat rash then turns red and patchy i find using johnsons baby 24 hour lotion helps

Madi's Mum
it could be heat rash. its been pretty hot out there and if he had pants on, the back of his knees could have gotten really warm, causing a rash. i find that when my daughter gets heat rash, i soak her in a tub with baking soda (2 tsp. per gallon of water) then do not apply cream, it will block the pores and cause the rash to get worse. i instead apply baby powder all over her. it keeps her dry and smelling quite nice. good luck.

During the warmer months, my kids get heat rash. I looks just terrible. You can look under Yahoo Images for heat rash and compare. My kids also get contact dermatitis quite often since they have sensitive skin.
I have used Yahoo Images to look up there "spots" numerous times. I try to take care of this myself because each time we get to the Dr.'s office she takes one look, says it will go away, and hands me the bill. I have learned to just investigate any illness or concern before I go to the Dr.'s office. The majority of the time I am correct in my diagnosis. Unless I feel that there is a serious illness or concern, I just handle it myself. If the rash was on his face and in his mouth I would be more concerned...but on his legs sounds less serious. Check Yahoo Images for heat rash, poison Ivy (he will be complaining if this is the problem), Eczema, Shingles, Impetigo, Contact Dermatitis...you will find lots of rashes. By the way, if it is itchy try a children's Benadryl (double check dosage and his weight), or anti-itch lotion. Good Luck!

You should get him into the peditrician. He could be allergic to your laundry soap, or food or anything. As long as he doesn't have a fever. If he has a fever take him to the emergency room b/c it could be scarlet fever (but usually scarlet fever rash is on the chest & back)....Scarlet fever is deadly....

its really hard to tell you what it could be with very little information about the rash. It could be something as simple as an allergy or a heat rash. But Excema is also common behind the knees

Me, myself and I

Does he takes any medications? Any recent vaccination? any recent change to his menu? any recent exposure to allergens?

What are the active ingredients of the cream?

I would consult a physician though, dont run cream experiments on your son!

Suzan K
Look at the inside (body side) of the elbows, if you even see the slightest symetric small headed rush, so it is scarlet, and don't be afraid, scarlet is not as serious condition as before. It takes some 3-5 days and it fades.
But most possible that the rush here is a detergent problem, especially if the skin feels dry when you touch it. Then you have to change the laundry detergent, and for the child, use some zincofax cream from Children department creams.

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