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I DO...

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i've always had trouble with my skin.
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 Big Black DOTS ON MY FACE!?
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Even if its freezing cold il b sweating like crazy, and lord help me if its hot, it will look as if ive sprayed the shower head under my arms. I know there is a product called certain-dri but i live ...

I was just wondering what the dot on the forehead stands for in India.... lol.
Additional Details
I wasn't trying to be racist or be mean or anything against people from another ...

 Cheapish acne "cures" that actually work...?
Yeah. I'm looking for acne "cures" that actually work as well as advertised, and that are relatively inexpensive, too. Anybody know where I can find such a miracle?!??!...

My second toe is really really long, is it ugly?
Can you check thes pics and tel me if my toes are ugly, and if they are can you tell me how i can hide them at the beach ot if its possible to shorten them?



Additional Details
Thanks, what color nail polish should I use?!!?

My gawd, put them away, make sure they're never seen again. I'd even consider amputation Might be easier to just grind them down to uniform length. Nevermind the pain, it would be worth it, no matter how much it hurt.

Really, who cares. I wouldn't have noticed.

You are just paranoid! Your toes are fine. If you really want to make them look better, just keep the constantly groomed and polished nicely. Don't worry. They look fine. I hope this helps!

Ava L
PLEASE DO NOT cut your toes, you will never walk right again.

Your toes are beautiful. This means you are the RULER OF YOUR HOUSE. When the 2nd toe is longer than the other it is an HONER. It means you are in control.

Paint them bad boys, and go to the asians and ask them to put a fake nail on your big toe. Before i was married my roommate had the same problem. It makes them even. FAKE NAIL on BIG TOE.

The B's Mom
A long second toe is a sign of intelligence. See link:

omg, your toes look more than FINE.
all (well, most) of my families second toe is 'bigger' than the others. more so then yours.

your toes are ugly and your toe nail polish (or lack there of) does not help the matter...

Grow your toe nails out a little longer and cut them straight off, then polish them and they will look a LOT better!

what r u talking about ur toes r perfectly normal. that is how long mine r. u dont need worry, cause ur toes r not ugly, im being honest.i have seen MUCH worse

Joe H
your toes, arent horrible, and there not a turn on, (i wouldnt know though i font have a foot fetish) but real people arent gonna be staring at your toes, i know from being a guy our eyes are somewhere else. Do not worry what people think about you. =]

No they're not ugly. But if you're worried about it then go get a proper manicure and make your toes sparkle. That way if people do stare there will something to see or you can wear a toe ring on it, a thick one!

Those are called "dancing feet" and they are perfectly normal a female on the beach the last thing anyone is going to be looking at is your feet...if you want less attention then lose the nail polish.

You want to know How you can SHORTEN your toes ????
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha thats funny
there is NOTHING wrong with your feet or toes as a matter of fact I like your toes MINE are really ugly

no it is a common heritable trait

Um...it is kind of long, but no one should be staring at your toes like that anyway. If they are tell them to back off. And no, you can't shorten them.

I have the same condition. It has a name but I forgot it. But your second toe is larger than your other toes if you have this condition. It's fine unless you want to be an Olympic runner.

Besides, it's better to have a big 2nd toe than to have smelly feet, like I do!

"A good way to shorten your toes is by cutting your nails :D"

no theyre fine theres alot of ppl who have that its common.

dont worry about hiding them its okay

hunter hyj
don't worry dear , there is nothing wrong with your toe. It is natural and there is no point of hiding.

Hi there,

1st of all, well done for having the courage to put pics of your feet on here when you're so insecure about them.

In a nutshell, no, your toes are not ugly. They look perfectly normal to me.
My advice would be to not hide them on the beach but to be proud.

Learn to love them and stop thinking of things to get rid of them.
And for the record, as far as I am aware, you cannot have surgery for this.

Linzi. xx

Babi Mya
I think that it looks normal and fine

Lady T
You could sure use a pedicure. Other than that I don't see a problem.

Yes, they're ugly. But guess what? All toes are ugly. Mine are. Everyone who posts here are. I can honestly say I've never seen "cute" or "pretty" toes in my life, other than on a baby - which are just down right adorable! So tiny. Anyway, you can't shorten your toes unless you want to go in and saw off some bone.

Just don't worry about them. Feet are gross. Who is going to be looking at them anyway? Take off your sandals and stick your toes in the sand when you're standing around.

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