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Monica YB
My mole just fell off?
I have had this mole for a very long time. years maybe? It never really bothered me, or caused me any concern. But just a while ago, I accidentally scratched it, and it came loose first, and then fell off! It left this hole in my neck/chest area, like maybe it had roots or something? Maybe I'm overreacting, but I kind of freaked out that it just up and fell off!

Here is a pic of the hole it left me with:
Additional Details
No, not a skin tag, I have those too, yuck.
And a wart! SUPER YUCK! I don't think that's what it was, but I'll go to Google University to do some research. :)

And to the "Put it back on", thanks! I needed a good laugh! :)

that sounds icky
go to the doc

well then it was a wart, not a mole.

put it back on

Dan M
It's not a big deal.

Cute neck btw. :)

I think that you will be ok. It doesn't look like it came from an infected area. As long as it doesn't hurt you should be fine.

Oh yeah, I've had that happen before. Left the same mark - and later a little scar on my arm. You could make an appointment with a doc (specifically a dermatologist) but I doubt anything will come of it. Nothing came of mine. No biggie - but very weird, I know.

About two years ago my cat scratched one of my moles off. I cleaned it real good and in about 5 weeks it healed up and now I can barely see where the mole was. Yea! At the start I was a little scared too. It didn't bleed much. (Note: I was just playing with my 10 week old kitten.) You should be OK. Tell me how you look in 5 weeks. I bet you will be just fine.

Its not supposed to fall off but its ok nad you'll be fine!! also was it a skin tag instead of a mole??

Kenny G
It will grow back. I had moles on my neck that stuck out and i used to pull them out and they would grow back. It will take a while but it will. at first it will just be like a scar though. It probably fell out because you scratched it to much and it was just weak. I think you will be fine

You'll be fine, the skin will grow back.
I once did that, and even thought the color was gone,
there was still the bump.

Nothing to worry about. It will heal within a few days.

Count Chocula
I had that happen once to a mole I had all my life, nothing ever came of it. I'm just glad it's gone

love lost
it looks fine, i wouldn't worry. PS love your necklace!!!

Hot Lips 4077
it's fine for tonight and tomorrow. just call the dermo or GP on monday and describe it to a nurse and see if they want you to come in. offer to email that pic to them, too. a lot of times they can tell you by looking at a pic online. i think you're fine.

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