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Kisses for Eric
My eye lid hurts and is swollen. Hot or cold compress?
Ouch. It has been crusty two mornings in a row. Feels like dirt or an eyelash is in it - but it's all puffy. I have been washing out my eye to no avail.

Bad Boy
warm wash cloth. Do not use cold.

always cold for swelling. You might want to try some Ibuprofen too, this is good for swelling.

You probably have an inflamed tarsal gland. Keep a very warm compress on your eyelid and see the doctor. You need some antibiotic eye Drops to clear you up.


Sty Symptoms

A lump on the top or bottom eyelid
Localized swelling of the eyelid
Tenderness to touch
Crusting of the eyelid margins
Burning in the eye
Droopiness of the eyelid
Scratchy sensation on the eyeball
Blurred vision
Mucous discharge in the eye

Most styes go away on their own in 5-7 days.

Apply warm compresses 4-6 times a day for about 15 minutes at a time to help the drainage. Keep your eyes closed.

Gently scrub the eyelid with tap water or with a mild, nonirritating soap or shampoo (such as baby shampoo). This may help with drainage. Close your eyes as you scrub so you do not injure your eyes.

Do not squeeze or puncture the sty. A more serious infection may occur as a result.

Discontinue the use of eye makeup as well as eye lotions and creams because they may be infected.

Discontinue wearing your contact lenses because the sty may cause an infection to spread to your cornea with the continued use of your contact lenses.

you probably need an antibiotic sounds like it is infected. I suggest cold to keep the swelling down and consistantly washing and more washing with a clean disposable towel.


Cold compresses

anything swollen heat will open your blood vessels and get them to flow throw your veins and cause swelling to go down. Cold will restrict your veins helpingto have less bruising. Quit touching your eye, and put some heat on it.

You may have conjunctivitis (pink eye). If it doesn't go away it a couple of days, see a Dr. Meantime, Rule of thumb is heat for pain, Cool for swelling. Good luck.
Don't scratch!!

Mr. Clean
see and eye doctor

Hot compress takes out swelling, it sounds like pink eye, if thats the case you may want to see a doctor.

That happens to me during allergy season, try some Eye Wash, allergy eyes, or the eye rinse. At night put some ice on your eyes, or go buy a freezable eye mask.It may be an infection, go see your doc.

Cold compress should help, but I trade off between hot and cold periodically.

The sand effect in your eyes is due to the swollen capillaries arteries in the conjunctiva tissue ( the one that covers the inside of your eye lids and visible part of the eye. You must have conjunctivitis. A warm tea bag is useful since it washes out the crust that forms in the morning and soothes the eye. In any case go to the doctor and don't transfer anything to your healthy eye.

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