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My ear piercing started to leak with blood and pus?
Around my piercing i have a ring of like hard fleshy stuff(kind of like a blister) and yesterday my my earring got caught in my blanket and i turned and i guess it popped and blood and pus came out and now the blister is gone.
im pretty sure this wasn't supposed to happen but was the "blister" normal? and did anyone else have this happen to them?

trust me, nothing that can't be fixed. it has happened to me twice. just see a doctor.

hey, dont freak!!!i have had this happen!!clean it!! thats it dont worrie!!

its infected put like Neosporin on it or some kind of antiseptic it should go away

Pus is the bodies way of saying something shouldn't be there. Pus is also a way of identifying an infection as pus contains a high quantity of white blood cells.

Some good ways to treat an infection are a warm compression over the ear, soaking it in sea salts or over the counter anti-biotics. Seeing your doctor would be a really good option as infection can get nasty without proper treatment.

You may either have a infection or you're allergic to your earring...sounds weird but I had the same problem. Different earrings made me puss and bleed but others didn't. You may need to experiment with some materials.

Helen B
It sounds like it is infected. You should clean it with alcohol and keep it clean you may need to go to the doctor if it doesn't go away as it could spread to the complete ear.You may have the hole close up too due to scar tissue. If it isn't better in a few days have the doctor look at it.

this is quite common. if you have the ring still on then remove it. apply some skin cream and for some days dont put the ring. just put some Basil stalk (just to keep the hole open). then after it heals if possible wear some gold ring instead of imitation ones.

It is infected, see a docter !

It's infected - take out the earring and put some hydrogene proxicde on it and don't put the earring back in - you may need to just get it done again - by a better person or next time take care of it better - Blisters aren't supposed to happen.

Hi....you got an infection in the piercing. I don't know how long ago you got it or what kind of instruction you were given as far as caring for the fresh piercing.

A fresh piercing needs to be cared for with twice daily soaking with alcohol and at least twice daily twisting of the earring so it moves around inside the earlobe. I'm sorry your earring got caught, but at that point, the infection had a chance to come out.

Wash your hands thoroughly and rinse them with alcohol. Gently squeeze the area with your fingers and try and push out any more infection. When you cannot manipulate any more out, soak a cotton ball with alcohol and hold it to the front and back of the earlobe and let it "soak" in.

Then, after it air dries, apply triple Antibiotic ointment to both sides of the earlobe . I know at night it will get rubbed off, so it is important you do this during the day. Apply this ointment in the AM after you do the above and again at night after you again manipulate the area, alcohol it, etc.

With any luck, you can save this piercing. If it doesn't show signs of improving by day 3, you will probably have to remove the earring and let the ear heal which will take quite some time. You'll have to re-pierce it a year down the road. You mustn't repierce it when you have an infection inside.

Good luck
I am an RN

Janet T
Clean it 2 or 3 times a day with peroxide and don't wear any ear rings for a few days. Make sure you clean all your ear rings with peroxide before putting them in again.

you had an infection, and it will likely come back. If I were you, I'd see a doctor, infections that close to the brain are nothing to mess around with.

it means your piercing is infected. take it out, clean it with disinfectant (NOT pure alchohol though, that is too strong and will make it worse), and leave it alone. clean it everyday at least once a day, don't touch it, and if it doesn't get better in a couple of days or starts to feel worse, go to the doctor. DO NOT leave in the earing and don't get it re pierced for a while

Blood and puss is a sign of infection. You need to clean your piercing with sea salt soaks. The "blister" you're talking about maybe gone for now, but trust me, it'll come back if you don't keep your piercing clean. And infected piercings came become VERY VERY painful. If you have anymore problems I would suggest going to a piercing shop and have them look at it, after all that's what they are there for.

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