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 Cold sore, 3 year old?
I think my daughter has a cold sore but I am not sure. She has what looks like a cluster of blisters with white heads on her lower lip, they haven't burst yet. Should I take her to the doctor ...

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 I am desperate....! please help.!?
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 It itches me between toes and it seems to spread. I was thinking it was bec of?
mi socks, i discarded them. What should i do? The more i itch, the more i feel to itch? I do not want to use any anti-biotics. Any age old proven home remedy/ies ?...

 I have weird red spots on my arm leg and stomach, whats wrong? the itch so bad.?
i already had the chicken pocks. There all over like on my foot my leg, the side of my stomach my back and arms....

 Vick's Vapor Rub?
I'm pregnant and breaking out horribly! I heard that Vick's can clear up your skin. Is this true? Or, are there any other home remedies you know of?...

 I have acne (but not very severe).the dermatologist at first suggested that i should take isotretinoin ....?
but i refused so he gave me tetracycline

i think that it is very irresponsible of him to prescribe a drug with so serious side effects when the case is not so severe.
what do you ...

 I have a dark green patch growing under my acrylic thumb nail. What is this and what should I do? Thank you?

 Do you douce? not sure of spelling. I just started to do it and so far think it's very good, I feel cleaner.
I bought a kit from the chemist and although it's undignified am happy to do it....

 What's the best diaper rash cream or powder?

 Besides Toothpaste?
Does anybody have any good suggestions to help bring the swellling and reddness down from this huge pimple on the side of my nose. I've tried toothpaste and it doesn't really work for me. I ...

 Help! somethig wierd appeared on my face!?
last nigt i put on some things i found in my drawer called 1. elizabeth arden hydra spash, 2. daniel ryman facial spray and 3. estee lauder clean finish. theyre pretty old but i thought they wouldnt ...

 The weather is so cold and my skin is itchy and dry., what would help.?

 What is lupus? this guy thinks I have a form of it?
I said I had whitish bumps from my shoulder to my elbow he said i might have a form of lupus the prob. is is that idk what that is?...

 I get pins and needles along the edge of my left arm - elbow to little finger tip. Any Ideas on cause?
This is the main (most frequent) area that I get this deadness - but it also sometimes effects either or both legs and seems to be tied in to a loss of hair to the outside of my thighs. I'm ...

 Does anyone have an organic recipe for dandruff.?

 What is the best cure for acne that doesn't cost a lot?
Like, what brand? Because I got three zits and am going nuts! So I cannot spend a billion dollars. Any home remedies? Proactive? Neutrogena? Clearasil? What?...

 Will putting acne cream all over your face bring more acne or bumps??

Additional Details
It's ...

 HELP ive burnt myself with tea!?
Ive stupidly just turned a cup of boiling tea over my legs and crotch
i've put a cold towel on my legs but it hurts like hell!
sensible advice would be greatly appreciated!

 I am brown skin and it is my dream to become white, and I do not want to ask Micheal Jackson?

Sophia M
My dog has scabs on him why???? and what is it? is it a deasse?

Julie Ann
If he has a lot of them, for no reason, like playing with another dog. Then it might be a good idea to take him to a vet, he could be sick. Ive heard of it before

sometimes dogs get dry Skin and they will scratch themselves so much they get scabs.i would call the vet and ask him about it because he sees this all the time and he could help you

Could be scabies or the mange. Both cause scabbing and hair loss due to the mites that get under their skin and cause horrible itching. You have to take him to the vet for meds to clear it up.

maybe he hurt himself. dogs do that sometimes

What kind of dog? Some are prone to skin allergies. Take him to a vet.

COULD BE CAUSED BY LOTS OF THINGS ,allergies, mange, fleas, take to vet ,or go to pet store and look around for some medicine for sores. hope he gets better .

Shannon V
have you noticed him itching scratching alot. could have anything from flees to a skin condition. i would take him/her to the vet and they can best diagnosis the problem and give you some meds for it.

The dog that lives in my house gets scabs because she scratches herself in one spot too often and creates a wound that eventually scabs. I would go with that for your dog as well.

could be mange or really bad dry skin

it could be a type of mange or the dog could have dry Skin i would get medicaid shampoo before going to the vet just to make sure its not mange

There are many reasons a dog has scabs. It could be fleas mainge, or any other number of dog itching problems. The scabs is caused by scratching. You should take your dog to the vet to find out for sure what your dog has.

he's been most likely scratching too much. the responsible dog owner to do is to take your dog to the vet

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