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My 2 year old has a rash with blotches on her cheeks, arms and legs..it's not chicken poxs? What could it be?
what can you use to treat it?

Emily T
a rash.
an ointment.

Take her to the Dr for a strep culture - sounds like Scarlet Fever


It may be poisen oak .I really dont know but a friend i know has poison oak with those symptoms. Good luck!~!~!~

Uncle John
How do you know it's not chicken pox?

Or measles?

Or allergic to something?


Don't take a chance with your child's life!!!!

Given this time of year, and if there's not a fever, I'd say it sounds like eczema. You can mix 50/50 milk to water soak it on a cloth and let it sit. Or you can get aquafor ($$$) you can go to your dr and they will likely give you a Rx for elecon cream, which is great but because it's a steroid cream you need to be careful not to put on too much and make sure the skin is dry, it can cause the skin to become thin. You can also use Aveeno Hydrocortisone cream it works great and isn't so expensive. oh and I think there's a nonsteriod called Eledon.

the jason
sounds like a viral rash like roseala or fifth see a docter

My daughter has the SAME thing. It's going around in all the schools here. It's called Fifth disease and once the rash breaks out they are not contagious anymore. Here read this:


However, if blisters start to break out on him/her or he/she complains of a sore throat, then it might be Hand Foot and Mouth Disease


cathy s
As a mom and grandmother, I know rashes are here today and gone tomorrow. It could be an allergic reaction to foods, soap, laundry soap etc....It could be dry Skin, excema, or cold weather. If she/he is not in pain and not itching I would not worry right now. My pede always said if it 'ain't gone in a week bring 'em in".

It could be measles...it usually comes with fever and small red spots that could cover the whole body. It is also an infectious disease but the Chinese belief that once you have had it, it may not occur again in your lifetime. If it is not measles, then it may only be some allergies. Check out what you had given to her to consume during the last few days or what products that you had used on her that she may be sensitive to. Chamomile lotion might help ease the itchiness but the best is to take her to a doctor as soon as possible since she is only a baby of 2 years old.

Has she been on antibiotics? Could be allergic reaction.
Any fever with sore throat? Could be strep
No fever or antibiotics recently, could be fifth disease.

All need treatment.

There are several things it could be but the only way you can be sure is to see her doctor.

G 0324
it could be an allergic reaction.... contact your pediatrician

I'd see a Doctor? If he's not open a Pharmacist will be able to help, until you can see one. Also Is he running a fever? My kids had fifth disease in elementary school that sounded like your case. I would see a Dr. to get an expert opinion.

My guess would be Fifth disease. The rash tends to come and go for several days, is exacerbated by sunlight, activity and emotional excitement. It diminishes with rest. There are few other symptoms, perhaps mild malaise.

The rash is most prominent on cheeks, arms and legs.

No treatment is necessary.

go to the doctor straight away! your child needs to be checked esspesially at this age. ur child is not a number that has to wait hes a patient! that what doctors r there for!

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