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Latex gloves cause of peeling hands?
do you know if latex gloves can cause an allergic reaction?More specifically can it cause the skin on your hands to peel? What causes someone's hands to peel when wearing latex or being in water or otherwise moisterized for an extended amount of time? (These are the simptoms) Thanks for any help or suggestions!

my friends hands do the sme thing, you are allergeic to the latex for sure

Yes, latex gloves can cause your hands to peel. You're either allergic to the latex or the powder in them. There are gloves available for people with sensitive skin. You need these.

sharon w
The answer is a big YES ! Latex allergies is a worldwide problem,for health care workers and many others. Use the"Vinyl" gloves only,or ones that say "latex free". If the condition of your hands is moderate or severe the best bet is going to your Doctor or Dermatologist,it will require presciption creams etc to resolve the problem. Using a good Moisturizing Lotion like a Cocoa butter type will help with a "minor" problems. Most will need a "antiinflammatory "cream. Take care. SW RNP

yes, usually when you go to the doc they ask if you have allergies to latex I believe maybe the powder in the glove. You hands sweat and cause moisture which in turn cause your skin to peel. U need to see a dermatologist for hand cream and find a different kind of plastic glove to wear.

Absolutely people can have a latex allergy and many do. When speaking of the hands specifically, it usually presents as a rash. Your symptom doesn't fit a typical allergy profile because it includes immersion in water and moisturization over an extended period. I recommend you speak to your primary care provider about this and see what she or he has to say about.

Midwest guy
You are probably allergic to latex. My daughter has the same problem and many people to. Make sure when you buy gloves they are latex free. They make them.

Also when at hospital or doctor, make sure you tell them latex gloves make you break out. For some people it is life threatening.

they can caus an allergic reaction if youre allergic to latex!!


I have a friend who is a phlebotomist (blood specialist) who can't wear latex gloves.

Non-latex ones are readily available

Antonio A
LAtex gloves can do 2 things,
1) If you ara allergic you will get a reaction, dryness, itchy, almost like a rash, you can go to a local pharmacy and buy a box of non latex gloves and you will be fine.
2) It has been shown that even people that at first were not allergic to latex, with constant use (nurses, EMT's, paramedics, etc) can develop the allergy to latex.

Last but not least latex allergies apply to any part of your skin and will have similar effects anywhere in your body, so if you use "other" latex products in "other" parts of your body it can also create a rash and scare the bejesus out of you thinking you have an STD. You can also get non-latex condoms to avoid that issue.

Yes, millions of people are allergic to latex. Get gloves that do not contain latex and let your doctor know, too.

Yes, you can be allergic to anything, even latex!

Colette B
Yes, you may be allergic to latex. If not, it may be a combination of hand washing and cold weather.

Critter Lady
Some people (me being one of them) have a sensitivity to Latex. I can't come in contact with Latex of any kind without it causing a skin reaction.

I would suggest coating your hands with baby powder prior to putting on gloves of any kind. You can also look for sheepskin gloves....they are more expensive, but don't cause the reaction that Latex can.

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