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 What causes acne??
Is it not washing your face everyday? Eating chocolate? I do wash my face twice a day...but I still end up breaking out. What are ways I can prevent acne without medication? Plz help!...

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 I have a really bad sun burn!!!!!?
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 Bed Bugs!!!!???
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is there any way to get rid of a hickey quickly. i heard a cold spoon works, does it? and suggestions? HELP...

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 Cracks in the foot,How it can be cured?what is it called?
cracks and thickening of skin in the foot....

 My son 15 has severe acne on face back and legs. can anyone recommend anything that actually works please.?

 What causes acne??
What causes the acnce spots on my face - stress?...

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i've got MAJOR sunburn.. how do i make it go away and fast!?...

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 Whats the best way to stop the pain from a really bad sunburn?

 What is the name of this "disorder" or "case" when a persons hand or face misses pigemnetation (melanin)
so for example the person is dark skinned but his/her face or hands are tottaly pale missing melanin....

 Has anyone ever tried proactive? I would like to know if it really works.?
I'm 27 yrs. old and still have acne...I need ...

Is there any kind of lotion or something that will give my legs a tan?
its not sunny anymore :(...and im just wondering if i can do it on my own

Ross F
fake *** tan lotion any supermarket expect to shell out £5 b ut lasts for ages and gradual tan without the cancerous results (welllllll whats worse dipping your hand in boiling water or a vat of acid) you get the idea! i have johnsons grad tan or something

Sunless Tanning Lotion

a heart so big
yeah, it's called "self-tanner". Available in every drug store and supermarket.

um tanning lotion?

I wouldn't try it as some turn you orange.



Look around.
Ask around.

I'm sure you'll find something.

My friend has one.
(makes her hands orange)
Don't know what it's called.
But they're out there...

Hope this helps...
Good luck!

Sik Wog
yea its called fake tan u can get at any supermarket

Yes, and you can probably find it at your local drugstore.

nope..go to the tanning salon

Try the tanning creams

duhhh, where do you live?
use a bronzer or a tanning lotion

basketball r
at bath and body works they used 2 have a cream that u put on ur legs umm i no that there is some spray u can get at walmart

Yes, I think its called Jergens Natural Glow choose the skin tone you want then spread it on your legs evenly or else there will be streaks

♥ maggie ♥
Ya, this is the stuff that I use.
I like it because it changes your skin tone a little bit of a time. It's not like one day your all pale and the next day, you're really dark. Also, it has never turned me orange before. It's really natural.

Neutrogena tanning mouse is the one I use.. doesn't go orange and doesn't go on streaky. You really can't tell the difference. The only problem with it (and any other tanning lotion I have tried) is it *does* streak/run if it gets wet. You don't need to put it on every day, though, since it does soak into your skin, so just don't apply it when it's going to rain.

You can get a flat tanning glove from The Body Shop for about $5, it has a soft velvety surface that makes the mousse much easier to apply without streaks.

yeah, there are a lot of self-tanning lotions everywhere on the market, some are cheap too. Banana Boat, Nutregena, Malibu, Coppertone, etc.

Emily P
jergins is the best

100% Auzzie Girl!
First things first. I'm sure you know that tanning your skin is bad for you and if you end up going to get it don't at a tanning salon, DON'T! if your that desparate for a tan (Propably like myself ;) ) The best way would be to sunbake in the sun.

But if theres know sun you could use what I use, "Nivea Body, Sunkissed sun"
You should be able to find it at a supermarket, or maybe a chemist.
Most tanning misturisers come is yellow-orange-brown coloured pakets/tubes.

I hope this helped you, good luck with your tanning :)


Yes, there are all kinds of them that you can get at Wal-Mart, Rite Aid, but beware, they end up looking streaky. I heard the spray on tans that you get at the same places are pretty good. I've never tried it, so I don't have a brand to recommend.

Teri K
There are several! I love Neutrogena tanning mouse. It lasts about a week and it is the easiest to apply. I use all year round especially on my face.....hate face make up. You can also go to Sally's beauty supply they have some good ones there.

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