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 What should I do about chapped lips?
I have been getting chapped and dry lips really frequently. I have tried almost every kind of balm and chapstick (including Blistex). Please help me!!! It is interfering with my life since it gets ...

 Going to work with ringworm?
I just got ringworm from my dog. I didn't go into work today, because I don't want to spread it. Since its a short week this week Im wondering if I should just take off tomorrow and W...

 I have red itchy spots that are bumpy on my legs thats getting worse, is it exma? if so how do i treat it?

 Head Lice!!!?
Help! We just noticed that my sister has headlice. She has obviously had them for a few days, and I have huge phobia to little bugs, escpecially on my head! My dad is being dumb adn just told me that ...

 Can you get a suntan through glass?

 HELP!!!What is the fastest and best acne treatment?
I suddenly got a lot of acne in one day and i really dont know what is a good cream or whatever. Please tell me some that are quick and leave your face without any acne or blemishes and you can buy ...

 Feeling itchy at night?
i tend to feel itchy at night when I am lying on the bed to sleep or when i think of the word itchy, i tend to feel itchy! But I bath everyday and change the bedsheet every week. By the way, i did ...

 When do chicken pox start to itch my son came out in spots yesterday?

 What should i do about my poisen ivy?
i've had it for two days,and it's spread all over my feet and ...

 Does anyone know whats it means if i have yellow heads on my willlie?

 I have this disgusting WART ON MY FINGER!!! does anyone know how to get rid of it??
i have a wart on my finger at the part that it bends on my middle finger. Ive had it for awhile and ive been trying to put a wart cream on it and everything! i tried duct tape and it didnt work and i ...

 I'm treating a verruca but it's pretty stubborn?
Have been using "bazuka gel" but progress is excruiatingly slow.

I know that the duct tape trick thing works, but the stuff that I have found in the UK just will not stick to the ...

 If u have a mole removed does it come back?
1cm flat mole?
Additional Details
its expensive and i dont wanna pay all that money to remove it if it returns after 1/2 ...

 How do you get rid of back acne?
my friend has it really bad on her back. She doesnt know the right medictation to take or why its even there. any help?...

 What will get rid of my ance"???
and proactiv does not work for ...

 Ummm i ate a spider... what should i do???? Cause it was a dare and like i don't know what should i do?!?!?!?

 Skin whitening pills?
has anyone ever tried skin whitening pills?
which one worked for you?...

 Acne help needed?
okay i tryed everything just about on the market i probley needed to go back to a demotogist but i used alot of products like clearseal ultra which worked okay for a while , i have tryed ph ultra, ...

 Can you reccomend a good moisuriser for very dry/oily skin?
I have dry, oily skin. when i wash my face it feels tight and dry and quickl becomes greasy again. I must use lots of moisturiser on it which makes my face shiny and greasy. i always have to apply ...

 Is there any REAL cure for Acne?
people say that creams dont work and others say changing ur diet..?
I know what causes it... but how to get rid of it..?...

Is ProActive solution worth the money??
my face is really sinstive and if i use anything other than hand soap my face gets really red where i have pimples which makes me use more makeup to cover it up makeing my face even worse

Yes, it is very good. Clinique is also very good, and about the same cost/same results.

poactive is a scam and the people they test it on didn't even have acne to begin with so if you buy it you are a b*tch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

NO and threw away the hand soap as well here do this for me..

Google the ingredients and that's how you will know if you find Mineral Oil, lanoline, animal products, cologen then threw it away they will cause skin issues.
Arbonne is pure safe and botanical and safe to use and very little is needed but you should also wash and tone to get the very best from Arbonne
You can goolge our ingredients and see for yourself.
If your skin is over 25 i recommend the nutrimin c re9 anti-ageing set if under the not so basic intellegence's line and you will notice a difference in your skin in 3 days it will fix your acne and also use our skin conditioning oil from the specialty line to place on them at night by morning gone also use our deep pore cleansing mask from our re9 line you will pull out the dirt bacteria and close the pores and heal your face from all the bad stuff out on the market today that causes skin to have problems.
and your welcome just click on my profile
no one is all natural but arbonne is so close it isn't funny, we have to use preservatives and we use the least amount so our shelve life is only 2 years other wise you would have to stick it in the refigerator. Plus we have the highest quality botanicals money can buy and have been rated an A+ for over 25 years. No one can beat that no one. So do yourself a favor and check these products out you won't have to look any further for a great skin care line again.
We rebuild the peptides and put the elastisin back into your skin and no one else can or will be able to do this because we own our own formulations to work the oily t-zone and dry area's wrinkles fine line and age spots. That's why were so great!

I personally believe that Proactiv is worth the money. It is amazing for sensitive skin because of the botanicals and it has (in the base kit) three different steps that sooth and cure at the same time. I used to have terrible and painful acne but after using Proactiv my face is stronger, healthier, glowy-er ;)

Once you join the skin-care club you get great discounts, but some of their products are still a little expensive. I use Clean-and-Clear for some other products like spot treatment because it's cheaper and it works well with Proactiv. Proactiv works best as a system (i.e. using everything they offer on the website and never anything else with it) but I have never found any problems with mixing and matching.

I recommend buying their trial pack before truly investing in it because everyone's skin is different and it may not work for everybody.

But, I deffinitely think it's worth the money.

P.S. Proactiv has an AWESOME make-up line that TREATS acne, hydrates and has sun-protection.

I really hoped this helps, check out the website for more

so you really wanna know?
I used Pro Active and it worked miracles! I rarely have a single pimple any more. But then again I didn't have severe acne or ANY acne for that matter, before I started using it. It hopefully would work for you. It can have wonderous effects but just make sure to moisturize your face with their Tea Tree Oil after using the other three bottles. The oil keeps your skin moisturized without clogging pours. And when on ProActive, my skin got terribly dry until I used that. So good luck!

Gabriella J
about a year ago i used pro-activ and it didnt work at all for me. i felt like it made my skin worse. so i started using clearasil face wash in the shower [a big blue bottle],and then every night before i go to sleep i use this little tube of clearasil daily acne control. it works really well for me and you just put it on the spots where you have pimples and it works like a charm. i usually just put a little bit all over my face for the black heads but i hope it works for you :] ..or use their other product it comes in a small tube and you basicallly can use it the same way ...it clearedd up my face COMPLETLY. all my friends say i have improved sooo much. !

Martin E
go to a beauty salon and theyl test your skin and tell you the best types of facewash to use for your own skin

yess it is. it works fast and it works long. i mean there is other ways like washing your face but that takes for ever. just but proactive put it on when u go to sleep and wallah your pimples are gone

NO! use nutrogina wave! it works really well! the machine thingy costs $13 dollars, and then all u need after that is the cleansing Pads which don't cost that much

ITs amazing.
IT is worth every penny.
And its really not that expensive!
I have very sensitive skin as well.
And it made my skin clear within 2 weeks.
I love it and have been using it for 3 years.

well it depends this product is different for everyone! and its really expensive
try it out once and see how "you" like it

Brittney B
it is not i tried it one time and my face didnt change i use clean and clear now and my face is much clearer i also use Neutrogena, continuous acne control for clean and clear and a moiusurizer in neutogena and put lubriderm on ur face everytime u use it

Niki G
NO!!! Ive tried it and it didnt work for me. If you really want to have good looking healthy skin and your willing to spend money, then go to a dermatologist.

If you have really sensitive skin, you will most likely have a reaction to Proactiv since it uses a lot of the same abrasive active ingredients as other over the counter products, such as Benzoyl Peroxide. Also, it is very expensive and once you start getting their monthly shipments, they don't always make it easy to cancel your subscription.

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