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I wake up in the morgning and my eyelids sticking together after i wash it goes aways ..what causes it?

Snot. The snot may be being over produced because of an irritant or allegy.

eye boogers maybe.

Sticky eye secretions.

Usually conjunctivitis is the culprit and that is commonly called "pink eye" an d very contagious. If it isn't itchy or no signs of the pink eye, then you could be having allergies. In either case consult a doctor.

Excessive sleepy dust. Or, if this is new, you may have an infection.


- a naughty brother
- your tears dried out while you were sleeping
- severe eye boogers
- hard blowing of nose before sleeping?


Have your eyes tested I think you are having problems with the eye pressure of your eyes

This happens because your eyes are creating an excess amount of puss and fluids. When you're sleeping, these seep out of your eyelids (not to get too graphic) and dry up, causing the sticking you're talking about.

sometimes this happens when you're sick and your immune system is being activated, or maybe just from allergies...

Kathryn R
That used to happen to me, usually it's just a matter of mucus in your eyes that dries during the night so that you have to remove it to open your eyes. Go to your doctor to make sure that you don't have an eye infection because that can cause it also.

1. An eye infection.
2. Irritation from allergies, makeup, etc.
3. You slept with your contact lenses in.

Maybe you should consult an eye doctor on this one.

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