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 Will this really help my acne?!?!?
I read to mash asprin up and make a liquid with it and water and dab it on all your zits. Does this really help?!?!...

 "private" problem?
i have a constant itch "down there" i been putting baby powder on it but it doesnt seem to be working. i just tried lotion to see if that works...any ideas?...

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 I went to the hospital today..?
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 How to get rid of blackheads?
They arent terribly noticable, i only notice them when im really close to the mirror
they are on my nose, forehead and chin

i have really sensitive skin so those facial scrubs i cant ...

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 Home Remedy for puffy eyes?
For the last 2 weeks I have been waking up with very puffy eyes. I thought it was allergies but my doctor says it is not. I am eating well and getting about 7 hours a night sleep. My doctor could not ...


 I am 12 and I have had serious acne for 2 years. I have tried a lot and nothing works. what should I do?
they are just zits and they cover the sids of my face and my forehead. I have tried proactive, acne free, tree oil, docter perscriptions, regular tee, and nutergena products....

 What is a good and very quick way to treat and GET RID OF warts??? (toe warts)?
something that actually ...

 My scalp has little bumps,their like dandruff ant hills and they itch like crazy.?
I have tried all dandruff shampoos i can think of,what the heck are they?
Additional Details
No it ain't ...

 Eczema questions...Should I tan? What to do?
Ok well like some pple..I have really bad Eczema...Well for my skin there's like a coloration in the skin..it's like lighter than how my skin is..should I just try to tan to even the ...

 Green coated stool what does it mean?>?

 Does shampoo cause acne?
I use Pantene that get up to 75% smoother hair, and on the bottom it says smooth and sleek, smoothes straight or wavy hair for extra siliness. What do you think? and what shampoo's do you ...

 Diagnose this patient: school project?
The patient is a middle aged man who noticed a lump on his right forearm, which is solid, firm and red, with a slight heat. When he first noticed it, the lump was the size of a pea, with no breaks in ...

 What's the best over the counter product for acne?

 Question about moles and skin...?
My gf has gained several new moles over the last couple of years... none of them are giving her any problems or cause for concern. Is this natural? Is this a problem? should she be careful with ...

 Acne cure?
i just got glasses and now i see that my acne is even worse then i saw before and now i look so bad in the mirror.......... :(...

 How can i get my lips that are chapped un-chapped quick?
i have chapped lips and i wanna get them unchapped for my date tonight are there anyways that i can unchap them quick like i know not totally unchapped but you know anything ...

I use a Space heater under my desk at work and now my thighs have become itchy and it looks like a rash?
Could the space heater near my feet be causing this? My thighs get itchy and red bumps (not my legs or feet...they are normal which is odd cuz they heat heats my feet and not my thighs) . Has this happened to anyone before?

it's too hot blowing on your skin, or rubbing against your pants.

LOL i have the same problem right now, as i sit here. the only thing that works for me is the oil of olay quench lotion for dry itchy skin. i use it consitently.

I've had that happen. It's cause by the heat drying out your skin. I had to put lotion on my calves to prevent it from happening.

Need to remember, heat will travel up.. You have thinner skin on your thighs than on the lower extremeties. Making them more subject to chaffing. You may want to change the direction of your heater so you get the back thrust when bouncing off the wall of your desks back board. There is considerable loss of humidity in the air when there is direct heat, as you have been using. Making the drying of the skin even more susceptible.

Tell It Like it is
its heat rash

Its just a Heat Rash Sweetie.
It will clear up.

heat rash - means you hvae the heater on too high - i have one under my desk too.

try getting a heater that shuts itself on and off - temp. regulated.

also be careful if you keep a trashcan under your desk too so that the liner doesn't catch in teh vent or get too hot and catch on fire

You have contracted a simple heat rash caused by the moisture where your thighs touch together. Just turn off the heater for a few days. To get rid of the rash just use an anti itching cream. That should do the trick.

I have my on right now. Just move it away from you little or don't have it aimed directly at you, I even change it position.

i use one too, but i've never had that happen. maybe you have it too high turn it down a bit, oh yeah something you should be careful for that happened to me, i ruined a great pair of boots because of my heater, they started to peel :(

steven d
start using moisturizer.when its cold and dry and we have use heaters .are skin dries.gets irritated.i miss Summer

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