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I picked my mole, and its came off :O?
But now its a little raised red lump, which looks just like a spot.
Will it heal?

Be Bop Deluxe
this will become cancerous and eat its way through your body and u will be dead in 20 minutes

John S
You'd better see a doc. picking it off can aparently lead to cancer

Amy T
That's a funny question.

My dad shaved one of his off before, and it disappeared completly. Have u seen the film nepoleon dynamite, he dus that in that film, i mean nepoleon does that to kip.

If it came off, it's not a mole.

"its came off"???????

It Will Grow Back

Thats bad, doesn't picking moles increase the likelihood of cancer?

probably will heal though

Sugar :]!
are you sure it was a mole and not just a skin tab? i've ripped them before.

I did that once. It will just grow back like it was before. Don't worry about it and no, it doesn't increase your chance of getting cancer!

jst me xx
You shouldnt pick moles cos they can become cancerous. i think u should get it checked out by your doctor and he will give u advise and info . x

John McSame 4 life
use paint to hide it

hahahahahahahhaa how the hell did it come off?!?!
ask your doctor lol

eeeew ask a doctor it cd get serious

o dear, r u sure it was a mole? moles normally bleed if u pick them...

I'd say it was probably a skin tag, instead of a mole. My nurse cut mine off with a pair of scissors. If that's the case, it just happens, it grows, and either you remove it, or it falls off eventually, then it grows again.

Here is some more information:

If this is the case, they are normally harmless, but if you are still concerned, and have more, you can certainly tell your doctor about them.

a mole is actally a small form of cancer. Your not supposed to pick them, are you sure it was a mole? Because they shouldn't become a red lump, they would bleed and then go all white and puff out like a cauliflour. You should see a doctor. It happened to my brother and he had it cut out with a laser.

Good luck x

My idiot boyfriend did the same thing this morning, and I am really worried. I am going to give it a week before I make him go to the doctor.

Moles don't just come off, as they go pretty deep. Are you sure it wasn't a crumb from your lunch ?

La La La I can't Hear you!!!
That is bad. Picking at moles, beauty marks, etc., can increase the development of cancer. The mole might come back, I think, so you have to make sure it doesn't start crusting, and make sure it stays a perfect circle, because these are signs of developing cancer from the mole.

I have quite a few moles and I have had 3 removed by th GP previously. Just because you have knocked the top off does not mean there is a problem. Make sure it is clean and let it dry up. Keep a very close eye on it. If it increases in size or colour or starts to itch, go straight toyour GP otherwise it should be OK.

but why did u picked it up, does it look like a flower lol...

do you know that it's a bit dangerous cause it may cause cancer..

jed slade
The top of a mole can come off by itself in hot condition as the top dies and becomes less attached,they can be pulled off when washing they just continue and grow again normally.

THATS SO RETARDED!!! Why did you pick your mole!?!?! Go to the doctor... maybe she/he can help you with that

You should NEVER pick moles, they can be cancerous!

As it's too late for that advice now, just pop along and see either your chemist or your gp for advice, they may send you to the local day surgery clinic and have it sliced off by the plastic surgery department.

I had a mole removed because I kept knocking the top off with the hairbrush and that can be dangerous, was in hospital within 10 days of mentioning it.

Not sure why I got a thumbs down for stating a fact, maybe it's not what you want to hear but that doesn't mean it's not what happened.

Yes I have done the same thing (long time ago). My mole is actually just smaller now, but by no means am I suggesting for people to pick off their moles.

Well thanks for the thumbs down but I am actually just being honest. After some bleeding just a red lump then it heels, sure you can see a dermatologist but they will tell you nothing except to keep an eye on it and watch for any changes.

Dr Frank
Probably it will heal. At worst in will recur on the same site.

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