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Valerie L
I keep getting rather large bruises on my legs and stomach without knocking myself. Anyone have any idea why?

Please go and get a blood count done. Also, no offence, but if you drink in vast quantites please ask them to refare you for a Hep C test. I study, and teach within the Endocine System so please take my advice, and go and see the Doc or the Practice Nurse for further advice.

Twin Angels
you sleep walk.

Best see the doctor.

Have you started any new medications? Do the bruises hurt if you press them? Any other pain associated with them?

You need to see a doctor about them.

tracey d
i get these when my blood count is low,thats how i know,but to be safe go and get checked out by your doctor good luck and try not to worry

Spontaneous bruising sometimes occurs for no apparent reason, especially in women. It can also indicate a clotting problem that could be a symptom of a more serious problem. If you have never had this before, then its a good idea to get a blood test to see if there is anything unusual that might be causing the bruising.

think it is internal bleeding go see a dr.

You really should go to see your GP.

Depends on whether you are on any medication which could cause this eg steroid tablets (they thin the skin) or blood thinning tablets (such as Aspirin, Warfarin).

It may be worthwhile asking you GP to check your blood for constituents which help it clot, as a low level of these may pre-dispose you to bruising.

The other thing to consider is whether they are actually bruises, again seeing your GP will help establish this.

You need to get yourself checked out. There are many conditions that cause a person to bruise easily without trauma. I wont go into them because i do not want to worry you uneccessarily. Go to your docs.

it could be inturnal bleeding, so see a doc, soon as

take care xxxxx

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