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I just pierced my cartilage about a week ago and it's a little itchy, but not red or swollen. is it infected?

Hey you put a hole in your ear... Let it heal what did you expect?

No-it's not infected. If it hurts for more than a week after getting it pierced, then it may be infected and you need to remove the earring immediately.

Green Eyes
does it smell kinda funky too? if yes than you need to take it out and put some rubbing alcohol on it.

♥Hated Teenager♥
No, it's not infected in anyway. Keep it clean and just don't sleep on it.

they/ say/ that's/ a /sign of healing

You'll be fine just take care of it like you were instructed to when you got it pierced. Mine was so painful that I wanted to cry every time something came near it. But everything healed properly and now it looks great!

Heather G
your fine, it will take a good year to fully heal but in about 6 months you can take out the ear ring to change it but do it quickly. The itching is normal and if there is any soreness that is fine, you might have the itchyness for about 4 weeks and the sorness could last for a year.

Monet T
No just make sure to keep hair spays and products like that away from the piercing and if so clean it with water. Make sure to use the cleaning solution that they gave you for the amount times per day it says. Check the earring for any build up that it collects. Q-tips work good, put some of the ear cleaning solution on the q-tip and swab around it. Try not to sleep on your ears, cause it hurts. If its itchy I would clean it first and if the problem persist contact the place that gave u the piercing and tell them. They may have suggestions, or they may want you to come back in so they can take a look at it. Twisting it also helps, throughout the day a few times.

from experience...i think ur gettin a reaction from the quality of the earring...because for me, i can only wear real gold or silver, and nothing from kmart or walmart etc. but i also have a friend who is the exact opposite! she cant wear real gold or silver.

*~&#92; makeup artist /~*
i doubt it. things itch when they are healing, so its probably your bodys normal healing process. but if theres any oozing or swollen-ness i'd get it checked out. make sure to clean it with hydrogine peroxide to prevent any infections too. hope this helps

Probably not. The cartilage takes a long time to heal, just keep it clean and don't mess with it too much.

No. If it was, it would be red, hot and swollen.

the itching is normal. worry if it is red or swollen. make sure you clean with ear piercing solution and turn the ear ring 4x's a day. if it is infected you will notice it smells or puss coming out.

just healing just use some anti bacteria cream like neosporon or bacitration it should be fine
Good Luck

Not infected but healing. Usually a wound itches when it is in the healing phase. Don't worry if it isn't read or swollen.

Itching may be a symptom of healing. Do not use antibiotic ointment on your piercing. Do not use rubbing alcohol on your percing. I use Provon antimicrobial soap on my piercings, cartilage and otherwise, even piercings which are several years old; you may also purchase antimicrobial soap at any reputable piercing shop. Be aware that cartilage piercings may take months to heal and may hurt for years. I am assuming, of course, you used a reputable piercing establishment and didn't do this yourself!

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