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I have this small white bump in the corner of my eye, what is it? And how can I get rid of it?

alpha b

Tim C
i had one. i was told it was called a stye and looks kinda like a zit. if you squeeze it white juice comes out. Mine went away after about ten years

Vincent M
it might be a stai u have to make a apoinntment and get it removed

its a zit but its just white ask your mom or docotor ans see what they ssay to get rid of it, and also use zit cream

its normal I have them also, they are Calcium deposits, my eye doc says they dont go away

your lucky i found this, i have the same thing, i went tomy dermatologist and she said that gettin a Facial will help remove them.

It sounds like it is a stye. I have had them a couple of times and I always took a hot facecloth to it. It eventually goes away.

It's probably a sty. It can be easily treated. I would go to a regular clinic and the doctor will prescribe drops.

Angela H
may need to go to the eye doctor

its a stye.
get some abreva.

It may or it may not be a sty.

A sty is an acute infection or inflammation of the secretory glands of the eyelids.

This common infection or inflammation results from blocked glands within the eyelid. When the gland is blocked, the oil produced by the gland occasionally backs up and extrudes through the wall of the gland, forming a lump, which can be red, painful, and nodular. Frequently, bacteria can infect the blocked gland, causing increased inflammation, pain, and redness of the eye and even redness of the surrounding eyelid and cheek tissue.

The lump can point externally (outward) or internally (inward). Frequently, the lump appears with a visible whitish or yellowish spot that looks much like a large pimple. Usually, one obvious area of swelling is apparent on one lid, but many styes can appear on one or both eyelids simultaneously.
The lump frequently goes away when the blockage of the gland opening is relieved. Furthermore, the infection goes away when the pus is drained from the sty.

Most styes go away on their own in 5-7 days.

Apply warm compresses 4-6 times a day for about 15 minutes at a time to help the drainage. Keep your eyes closed. I have found that warm tea bags work wonders! The tannin in the tea really helps with the pain and swelling!

Gently scrub the eyelid with tap water or with a mild, nonirritating soap or shampoo (such as baby shampoo). This may help with drainage. Close your eyes as you scrub so you do not injure your eyes.

Do not squeeze or puncture the sty. A more serious infection may occur as a result.

Discontinue the use of eye makeup as well as eye lotions and creams because they may be infected.

Discontinue wearing your contact lenses because the sty may cause an infection to spread to your cornea with the continued use of your contact lenses.

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