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I have this red lump near my groin I wanted to know what it is and how to cure it?
This bump comes and go and it hard and when I squeeze it like a pimple it lets out a white puss and blood, I don't know what to do, it hurts one in a while but nothing more, here is a close up picture of it, Please help me

Additional Details
Thank for some of the people here who are actually serious, but I have this clotrimazole and betamethasone dipropionate cream usp, 1%/0.05% would that be good enough?

Kandee Kane is sooo sweet
Omg!!! itz a mother frekkin herpe!!!!.....yucky!!

Jane S
go to the doctor

and don't squeeze it, idiot!

its probably just a pimple

it looks like a pimple but go to the doctor and get it checked out.

shower more often.

maybe a boil, if not get it checked man and same as the first guy wasn't expecting a picture!!!

i had the same thing on my armpit, and once down in my bikini area. i went to the doctor about it and he said it is caused by shaving. he said for me not to be so aggressive with it. eat one cup of yogurt a day, that will help, and also go to the doctor. ive found the only way to cure it is perscribed medicine. it's like a cream, and it's called Bactroban. you could possibly find it in pharmacies, but i got mine from my doctor. hope i helped! oh yeah,a nd whatever you do DON'T MESS WITH IT! :]]

Dan D
This red bump appears to be a possible yeast or fungal infection. It's not severe but here's what you should do: consult a doctor and get a clotrimaderm 1% powder, which is a cream that you should apply to the area twice daily. It will get rid of that 'pimple' quickly. You should not pick at it or poke it because that can lead to a spread in the infection and it will be harder to clear. You should try to keep your groin area clean and away from moisture. Good luck!

Christopher P
hmm.... basically that is just a minor "pimple". dont worry.
nothing big.. ok... let me see.. now your body condition si slightly a bit acidic... what u have we consider as toxin... now what can i advice is either use my product or...... you cn drink more water and every morning and afternoon drink carrot, green apple and Cabbage juice(mixed). one day twice morning and afternoon. drink approx. 2000ml of water. reduce in eating meat. Or fried food... after one week this problem should solve already...

Ms Ashley Marie
it is just an ingrown hair

louise b
umm go to the dr. duh

It could be a boil.

chris s
It looks like a boil to me. i have had boils, very painfull. Could be MRSA related. ( Methicillan Resistant Staphyloccocus Areus) Here is a link to a boils page.

It most likely is just some type of abscess. That area of the body is a very common place to get them. Sitz bath might help draw the puss out. If it doesn't get better or is recurring go see a Dr. It doesn't look as if its something to worry about.

Go See Your doctor...

It is a boil. You need to go to the Dr. and get antibiotics. You can try to clear it up yourself. It will take soaks in a hot bath every day or at least hot compresses and treating it with antiseptic/antibiotic ointment. Really though, I would see the Dr. because they can get staph and take forever to heal.

James A
looks like you got a ginormous pimple bro!

‚ô•‚ô•The Queen Has Spoken‚ô•‚ô•
It "looks" like an abscessed hair follicle. If you never get the hair out, as it could have in grown into the surrounding tissue it won't heal. You might need to see a doctor about it.

icky! Looks like a deep pimple. If you opened it put peroxide or rubbing alcohol on it to clean out the nasties.

Warning: IT WILL BURN. but its a good thing XD

it's probably an ingown hair...get a grip and put some Neosporin on it or see a Dr...don't put pics on the web...

ok first off dude i didnt need to see that freakin pic....gross

next its when you r unclean around that area you get those...during football half the team gets that crap from alot of sweat and dirt...just wash around there everydays andit should go away

cut it off, or burn it

Stop wearing skinny jeans, let your skin breathe.

It could be just a ingrown hair but I would get it checked out.

That's nasty, lol.
I wasn't expecting a picture..

You should really go see a doctor if it lets out blood and a unknown liquid, even though it is hurting slightly.

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