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 Anyone recognise this 'symptom', please?
Someone close to me has a red, swollen top knuckle, middle finger; she says it doesn't itch, but hurts a tiny bit and feels a bit 'stiff'.

It looks like a chillblain, but ...

 Have you tried this product?
I have had a bad problem with acne for about 2 years now and I am 30 years old. (I was lucky enough in my teenage years to have great skin....sigh....). Anyways, my tv was speaking to me I think, ...

 Help! How do I hide/get rid of a love bite?

 Stop itching!?
I have a rash and I know why it itches and stuff.
but like it itches like realllly badly.
is there any way to make it stop itching?...

 I use a Space heater under my desk at work and now my thighs have become itchy and it looks like a rash?
Could the space heater near my feet be causing this? My thighs get itchy and red bumps (not my legs or feet...they are normal which is odd cuz they heat heats my feet and not my thighs) . Has this ...

 My friend complains of burning sensation all over her body.what is the cause?

 Can someone help!?
i have been biten alive by moscitoes and i cant stop itching! please someone tell me how to stop it itching asap!! its driving me crazy....

 If I've never had a cold sore before am I immune or could I get one?

 I have a skin disease that causes huge boils. I can have as many as 6 at a time. No antibiotics work. HELP!
i have had surgery and have had skin grafts, but this hasn't helped either....

 Can a younge girl..about 12 years of age use facial cleansers?
what are suggestions for the 'goods' ones?...

 What can you use to get rid of dried spots on your face?
I have a friend who has dried up spots and is there anything good that can get rid of it? I myself get spots too but how else can you get rid of it other than face washes etc.?...

 Any cures known for rosacea?

 Warts....where do they come from?

 What should i do for dry skin around the eye area?
dry skaly skin around upper and lower eye ...

 Any natural or cheap but effective products for dry skin?
hi, im 18 years old and its really hot in our country these days. my skin becomes scally:-( everytime i will smile there are fine lines forming on my face.. i already have crow's feet(wrinkles ...

 Will this really help my acne?!?!?
I read to mash asprin up and make a liquid with it and water and dab it on all your zits. Does this really help?!?!...

 "private" problem?
i have a constant itch "down there" i been putting baby powder on it but it doesnt seem to be working. i just tried lotion to see if that works...any ideas?...

 What is the treatment for lice on 4 yr old children?
Are there any medical solutions readily available in the market....

 How long can i expect chickenpox pox to last on a 3 year old ?

 I went to the hospital today..?
..hoping to get a few moles removed. All the doctor did was check them and say they are fine and not cancerous but all i thought was "I DON'T CARE IF THEY ARE FINE I WANT THEM TAKEN OFF!&...

I have a wierd rash on my stomach and under my armpits and help to get rid of it??
i have a weird rash on my stomach and under my armpits i have used creams and stuff they dont work any help ??

John Conner..ShesNotMyMotherTodd
First sign of Aids.....Biiiiiitch you are so dead

put *** on it

There is a new product out now that is helping this, You can go to
{ genniesalve.com } and check it out . Good Luck

mrs. robinson
What about Benadryl? Where is this rash coming from? Do you know?

look rashes up on google or go to the dermotologist, doctor, etc

Is it itchy?

If it is itchy it could be hives. Nothing serious, just apply some anti Itch cream, or other medication for skin irritations. It should go away within a day or two.

Hives is a mild allergic reaction.

Yes, it is probably your skin's reaction with heat and irritation from metal aggravated by sweat. My husband has those, too. But I tried to apply it with Miconazole/Hydrocortisone cream (distributed by Sandoz, it is a subsidiary of Novartis). I hope it works for you,too. Otherwise, you might want to see a dermatologist.

Pauline P
You can find extensive skin rash information at the source below.

The creams that you may have used might have made the rash even worse if your skin is sensitive. Consult your doctor immedietly.

My sister gets these all the time, its usually just from heat and irritation on the skin. I would switch to a dermatologist friendly deodorant and apply baby powder on the rash for a couple days and possibly some anti-itch cream before you go to bed. You may also be having an allergic reaction to the metal on your buttons in your pants, you can place a piece of scotch tape over the metal to prevent contact. If standard medicines don't help you should see a doctor because prolonged breakouts can cause permanent scars.

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