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Crispy O.B.E
I get terrible sores on my inner thighs as they rub when I walk, how can I stop them bleeding so much?
I tried bandages but they make me sweat too much

Get someone to kiss them better.

It always worked when i was a kid and hurt myself, my mum would always kiss it better.

Use an Antiitch cream, good luck

i like tacobell
this guy will be your friend... if you give him cigarettes : http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v439/iwitnsty2/jerry028.jpg

try toning up your legs for start
They are rubbing because they are to fat

Pieface The Fake Plastic Geordie
A nice pair of ladies low denier tights. I wear them and my thighs don't rub. Just a suggestion mate.

My friend has the same problem - she's a UK size 30. Have you thought about using Talc in between?

Roy Benjamin G
better pants, petroleum jelly, lose wt, anti-Fungal if they itch, go to a doctor if it gets infected

My Dad isn't overweight but he tends to get that chafing there. He uses corn starch. Its not scented so it shouldn't irritate it further.

Easy. Lose weight. Stop worrying so much about your legs and worry more about what the excess weight you are carrying around is doing to your heart.

Cycling shorts under clothes, works wonders.

if this is you in the photo try going on a diet

Firstly Wash your legs well to get rid of the sweat, since this isnt helping the problem.
Secondly invest in a toner, it will help dry up your skin so its not as oily/ sweaty.
Thirdly use talcon/ baby powder, this is what will probably help the most.

Another tip might be to go in shape, so your legs don't rub together at all.
Hope I helped :)

maybe lose a little weight or blather them in some sort of cream

My husband has this problem with his work clothing. I actually bought him a antifungal cream from the chemist. And it is gone and he said it stopped being itchy.

there is this thing called duo derm protective wipes from convaTec company and could be bought from the pharmacy. it is self adhering. just ask what size you might need. hope i have been helpful.

When did you get back Crisps? Alice B and I have ben mourning for you.
As for the sores, can you not get mother to caress them with Sudo cream as she always has done anyway? x

Dover Soles
Use "Sudocrem" from your chemists' on them and lose a lot of weight if they're that bad ! ! !

Rub vaseline on them like runners do.

Joanne W
Try one of these:

Talcum powder on the inner thighs, reduces the sweat
Vaseline or lip balm (same place).
Roll on deodorant (again, same place). xxx

Hey Crispy

I guess I’d have to ask how much you weigh. Your weight will affect how you walk. You definitely have to loose weight. I would also guess that that picture is of you?

You really need to get a weight loss and management plan in place and get started. If you don’t, you are destined to have a heart attack.

You also need to do a detox. You can get the best detox in the world at this website, http://www.mywaiora.com/200534. Then you need to consider getting on a nutritional program. The same site has liquid vitamins and minerals. Just go there and read up on what they are all about and I think you’ll be able to make an informed decision.

One more thing you should know, toxins hide out in the fat of our bodies. You really need to detoxify your body. Once you do, you’ll be able to start loosing weight and getting into shape. Also, when you start loosing the extra weight, you will start getting a lot of energy back. That’s a plus.

I hope this helps.

Also, just ignore the (????) people that call you names while you are looking for help. What goes around comes around.

One more thing. About the rubbing, I don't know that there is much you can do except loose the weight as fast as you can.

sue h
i have the same prob my legs rub together when i walk if i have a skirt on but they dont bleed but i have found that if you put deoderant on them that helps a great deal

Wear cycle shorts under clothes and try and keep it as dry and clean as poss. Also, do try and loose some weight. I'm a 'thunder theighs' and have the same problem.

I would try baby powder, as it would help with chaffing and sweating.

david t
Try walking like John Wayne.

Koteczka :(
Gracias guapa! Ole Crispy!
I never answer what you ask, is that bad? ;)

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