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 Im sick and i saw marks all over me (like ants bit my body-marks). woke up with swollen eyes. whats wrong? :(?
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Jaslene G
I cant stop sweating under my armpits!?
Even if its freezing cold il b sweating like crazy, and lord help me if its hot, it will look as if ive sprayed the shower head under my arms. I know there is a product called certain-dri but i live in the UK, and ive herd botox can help but would rather not resort to that. Any other advice to stop my major embarassing problem, which has lead me to buying a million black tops :( and no light colours!

Birdie birdie birdie
Look for deodorant/antiperspirant that says clinical strength. There are many different brands. Also try any kind with baking soda (we have arm & hammer over here) works really well. And guys deodorant is usually stronger.

It is just you, put some baby powder under you arms and then some deodarant on job of that, but ITS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD, just keep some freshner on it.

my mother had this problem, try going to the doctor and he will give you a prescription

SuG@RuSH-c0c0 BuTT@!!
okay i had that problem but now i fixed it!!!!!!!!!!! what you do is shower everday and when you wash your pits in the shower dont use the soap that u use to wash your body with use a different Antibacterial one like Dial but make sure u only use that on your pits then shave your armpits everday noxzema razors work the best and make sure you shave dry before you put your shirt on then buy secret clinical strength deoderant its expencive but it works and use 1-2 clicks of that everyday and before you start excercising even if youve already put it on that day. it doesnt matter if you put it on at night or in the morning (though i like to use it in the morning) or in the morning and at night !!!! and for the last tiop always make sure you put your deoderant on after you put your shirt on its easeir to do it the other way but putting on your shirt actually wipes off your deoderant!!!!!!!!!! if your still sweating do not wipe it or touch it it irritates your skin making you sweat more!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope i helped you good luck!!!!!!!!

You need Diana Stalder products the Aluminum Chloride will work for you and you will not have sweaty undearm while using their products.. Thats one of their best selling products and not only stop sweating but also whiten it because it mix with melawhite and your armpit will not smell as well. you can check this out
They are always sold out of this because this one works best for a sweaty underarm

Bill C
Mitchem is about the strongest deodarant, shave the pits if there is hair there, it makes sweating worse. Always wear an undershirt so it takes a while to get to your shirt (and it won't stain your outer shirt then.

Good Luck,

Do you mean that you can't get Certain-Dry in the UK? Order it from e-bay if that's the case. It works SO well. But, here is something else I've learned. Put on deodorant at night before you go to bed. Do this every night for a week. You will notice a complete difference...and use stick or roll on. NO spray deodorants. They do not work as well.

As for Botox, yes it works, but it's horribly painful....not to mention, expensive.

Sam T
Ever heard of an antiperspirant?

i think you should go to the doctor to get that checked out

Certain-dri off of ebay or amazon! it's my favorite thing in the world. i get a huge rash from all other deoderants. but, every other night i use certain-dri and no sweat for me! of course there's powder. i know a few people who carry disposable body towelettes with them to clean up mid day......and dress shields will help soak up the actual sweat, but if it's really that bad, Botox works wonders and lasts a minimum of 6 months....for some people much longer


try asking your doctor for prescription deodorant you dont even have to go to the doctors! just call in and tell your doctor the problem!

i used to have the same problem, but if you try secret clinical strength deodorant (and make sure you follow the directions correctly) it should help a lot! :)

Nick R
Try a deodorant stick, you can buy them online, they ship to the UK.


Try some antiperspirant. Do they have Mitchum there? That shiz is amazing.

You should go to the doctor because that is a medical problem. I saw the same case in the Tyra show there was this girl who couldn't stop sweating from her under arms and feet, they injected some thing but she had to go do it like every six months.

ツRaspberry Razzlesツ
eBay has some cool stuff out there for sweating. Or, if that doesn't help, Go see a Doctor.

kelsey M
get clinical strength deo

Yoga will help you ,

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