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I burned myself. What do I do?
It is whitish and kind of hard. It is on my hand. It is the size of a small bean. I put it in cold water for about five minutes. Now what?

Quinton B
scratch it, it works

Aloe aloe aloe...

put mustard on it.

sounds gross but it does work.

I know this may sound weird but you shouldn't have put it in cold water because it'll leave you with a scar. What you should do is put tooth paste on it.
It cools the skin and makes the scar gone. Trust me it works for me plenty of times

Now just keep it clean and it'll heal up just fine. If it starts to show any signs of infection (the primary risk with burns), such as getting red and/or hot, oozing pus, increased pain, etc., go to the doctor immediately.

Lisa R
Clean it well with soap & water and use A & D ointment. It will work without a doubt!

Set it under ice for 20 mins, then rub some burn ointment on it and then after 5hrs if it doesn't get smaller, call a Doctor and ask for some advice. But it should be better, Best of luck!!!

Put Solarcaine on it, it will reduce the burning... if it begins to hurt worse go to the emergency room because it cud be a second degree burn.

OH! That's a pretty nasty burn. That happend to me a couple of months ago with a sottering iron. Run cold water over for about fifteen minutes, then put ice on it. It is actually still burning the inner layers of your skin. Do not put cloth on it or wrap it with anything. It will eventually heal.

Make a paste of ba
king soda and water, then put some on top of the burn....it stops the pain and helps heal the skin too.
Dont put anything that has lanolin or other oils in it, youll just be frying your hand.

you can keep running it under cool water to make it feel better, do not rub or scratch it. Avoid any ointment, just keep it clean. If a blister develops don't pop it, but it's fine if it pops on its own. Once it does, wash with an Antibacterial soap and put some antibiotic ointment on it, then cover with a band aid.

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