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 What is this skin lesion on my boyfriends wrist (pix)?
Spider bite, staph? It is about the size of a nickel and is on his wrist. Has been there for about two weeks. He says it's itchy and burns. Started out as a bunch of little yellowish fluid ...

 How can I reduce eye puffiness from crying?

Additional Details
I have been crying for 3 days--my elderly dad is so ill:*(...

 My baby has eczema please help those of you with experience?
I need suggestions from those of you who have had babies with eczema its driving my baby crazy....

 Severe Acne problem. Suggest remedies!!!?
Doctors prescriptions dont help at all.
tried everything.... ready to give up, in depression


 How can i get rid of body acne?

 Why do i have wrinkles???
because our porer are opening and the sweat go out.....

 What can you do about dry cracked heels?
Also have a veruka that has cracked heal around it....

 Does anyone have any acne products that are really effective to recommend?
i have combination skin and some parts of my face gets really oily and tends to promote the growth of acne whereas the other parts of my face are quite dry.. and i used a new product containing ...

 I have cracked calloused crusty heels - how do I get rid of it without going to a foot doctor?
I used to have gorgeous feet, but I work in a factory and have developed this disgusting cracked heels that I can't get rid of. I am pretty sure I could sand a hardwood floor with them. It is ...

 What causes coldsaws and how do you get rid of them?
i have a coldsaw and ive neva had one before. how do i get rid of it and how do you think i could of got it.....

 ECZEMA on my baby! :(?
My 5 month old boy is developing eczema. It started about one month ago, hes being breast feed and his mum eats very well, a lot of natural foods. How can we control this skin condition? Ive heard MSG...

 I am in 5th grade and i have acne how do you get rid of it without buying anything?
i am in fifth grade and people are making fun of me because i have acne and pimples and i have a spring dance coming up in 2 weeks how do i get rid of it realy fast without buying anything and ...

 What are these strange marks on my back?
In the middle of my back, on the skin right above my vertebrae (where they stick out the furthest), are brown marks that almost look like bruises.

Some of these marks feel scaly and dry to ...

 Stretch marks?
I have strech marks on my arms because I built musle to quick don't really know how but i did and now I'm really embarassed about it. So what is some stuff to make it go away. Also does ...

 What is this painfulllllll bump that has come out under my right armpit?
It does not seem to have a head like a pimple or anything. I am a 25 year old male. I sometimes trim my arm pit hair. Could it be an ingrown hair? The pain is almost unbearable. It kept me up ...

 How to remove scars due to chicken pox ?
The scars are more in the face....

 How to get rid of adult acne????

 Can anybody recommend a good moisturiser for acne prone skin?

 I have this thing on my neck, please help?
About 2 months ago, this thing just appeared on my neck. At first I thought it was a blood blister, but it kinda resembles a mole too. I was hoping it would go away on its own. It seems to have ...

 How to make ur lips pink instead of a red?
I put chapstick on twice a day and my lips are naturally a soft pink but they have been a red color latley. how can i get my pink back? Please answer!...

Amanda M
How long does it take head lice to die?

Rod J
Why? Are you going to wait them out?

you have to get them out, they reproduce every 6 to 7 days, so hurry up and get them out!

go to your grocery store and get a lice kit !

ā¯‰giggle bugā¯‰
it doesn't die on your head... u have to get it out and then it will be treated and stuff. if u dont do anything then they will multiply and u will lose all of yo hair.

Maria G
Go get RID at the drug store, they don't die and they keep reproducing. Also wash all hats and bedlinen in Hot water.
Good luck and don't share combs or brushes

If you use the shampoo they die within minutes. If you wait until you hope they all die... then it could be years.

*Red Lips*
eeww! =<

Independent Collectivist
As soon as you use the lice killing shampoo.

Pass it on...
If you use a de-louser they die almost immediately....if you don't...they never will. They'll just keep reproducing, like every other life form on the planet.

they dont die.. they'l live in ur hair as long as u let them..

amy-lee g
30 days but the eggs hatch every 9 days& u dont loose ur hair!
and they do die on ya head

they just keep multiplying.......go to www.licekillers.com this stuff works....my kids school lets lice infested kids just keep coming to school and spreading it around....i keep this stuff around because it really works....thank God, nothing creeps me out more than lice....ugh makes my skin crawl

Lady Luck
If u get a best product then maximum 3 washes are required. My nephew had a cluster of them n he used "mediker shampoo" for twi days n he was all clean n clear. It is available in India i dunno about ur place. In india it around 1.5 to 2 dollars of ur place so add the shipping etc n get it now. applying crushed paste of Neem leaves everyday also helps a lot. Goodluck n once they are gone, u shouldnt hang close with ppl who have it n wash ur hair twice with the regular shampoo u use

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