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Was was in that stuff?...

 I have itchy skin all over my body and i can't sleep at nigth because of it. Do you know any housold medicine?

wife of Ali Pasha
How does drinking calamine lotion get rid of a sunburn from your vacation?

You do NOT drink Calamine lotion.
You rub it on your body.
It cools you down.

Don't drink it. Put it on the skin. But I believe it is primarily used for poison Ivy and such, so you may not want to use it for a sunburn.

You could make a mixture of water and a little vinegar in a spray bottle - it helps with cooling / soothing bad sunburns. But don't drink that either.

because it makes you vomit and vomit. you don't even think about sunburn anymore. it could kill you if you have eaten shrimp or oysters.

Warren D
Uhhmm, I think you are supposed to rub it on your skin, not drink it.

It won't, but it WILL poison you!

st. nino
Easy, it will PUT YOU OUT OF your sunburn pain!! in an absolute FINAL WAY!!! It kills, pure and simply, it is a lotion you
very gently dab on your skin, If you drink it { last will and testament, must be available} + a very good funeralplan. So do the right thing!!! RUB IT IN ,DO NOT "GLUG" IT IN

WOW!-O-WOW! lol chuggin lotion is the best way to gain bad health

shadow of a girl
um... it's Calamine LOTION for a reason. you don't drink it, you put it on your skin. drinking it won't help your sunburn, but i suppose it might just help to beef up the human gene pool a bit.

marilee w
no but it might get you in the emergency room

u dont drink it u put it where its sunburned

U dont drink it LOL u rub it on ur skin!

Jacques Strappe
It works best if you microwave it FIRST. Using a straw might help, but it takes away from the soothing effects.

Please do not drink it. Apply on the skin.

paul t
girlfriend you dont drink it you put it on your skin.

You DON'T drink it.
Its applying it on your skin

wow unless you have a death wish DON'T drink it!
put it ON the skin!

i don't think you DRINK Calamine lotion, i thought you put it on your skin..

Your not supposed to Drink it!!!!!! Who told you that ? Dont do it!!!! Rub it on the burn but please dont drink it


I've heard of "old wives tails", or are you just getting conned by some mates ?

of course it doesn't, you cannot ingest that....you apply it to the skin with cottonballs, gently! it soothes and cools and takes redness and itching away.

Just Me
LOL!! It doesn't...

Living up to your name, huh? :-D

Poison Control 1-800-222-1222

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