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How do you tell if you have ringworm on your head?
I got ringworm on my arm a few days ago, and I bought the lotrimin to put on it and have been, but someone told me that if it spreads to your head you lose your hair and it never grows back?! How the hell do you know if its on your scalp if you have long thick hair? I'd have to search for hours. I'm terrified right now!

Nathan C
lol the more you search the more of a chance you can spread it but im pretty sure they were just tryin to freak the sheet out of you cause im pretty sure that can't happen....Its funny you said that because i just got it a couple days ago on my arm. It would itch too if you got it on your head so i doubt you have it. It would be a red/white circle so it would be pretty noticeable on your head. Don't worry about it ive had it 2 times and its never gone on my head just treat it with Tinactin or any kind of athletes Foot cream. Plus if it did make you lose your hair....why would i still have arm hair in the spots i had it before.....im a guy fyi

Becky W
call a doctor.

go to a doctor

★ La Dolly Vita ★
Animals (such as cats) have bare patches where they have ringworm but people don't lose their hair. I have been battling with ringworm for many many years (damn parents cat ggrrr) and i haven't lost any hair. Just keep using the lotion on the effected area and it will clear up, just keep an eye out as you may get more in the future... mine keep coming back.

You can lose hair but eventually it grows back and the best way to get rid of ringworm is bleach. you should probably wear long sleeves just so it doesn't spread and i would wash your bedding also just to be safe and wear long sleeves to bed. Dont touch the ringworm with the towel you use to dry off either because it can spread that way and always wash ur hands if you touch it.

Ringworm on the scalp can cause temporary hair loss. It leaves a circular, scaly patch that itches. To clear it up you have to kill the fungus (tinea corporis) that causes it. Try Lamisil, or if you have insurance, go to a Doctor and get some Ketoconazole, Fluconazole tablets, or Griseofulvin tablets to cure it. Sorry, but the package of Blur Star specifically states that it only stops the itch.

vickie b
Have a friend look for you ....Ringworm of the scalp can be more difficult to treat and can take longer to clear up. If creams fail, your doctor will probably prescribe an oral antifungal medicine or a medicated shampoo.
Good Luck

crazy lips
If there is a spot on your head that feels sensitive or itchy then have someone inspect that area of your head, and I dont think true about the hair not coming back, plus i dont think it even falls out for that matter, unless maybe if its left untreated or something that part i dont know? Ive had ringworm on my arm too and it goes away on its own just by using clean towels and bedding and keeping clean and using the lotrimind. no dr needed.

Kat the Great
I highly doubt that! Remember cats and dogs get ringworm quite often, you can't tell because they have long hair. They never lose their hair, in fact the only way to tell if you have ringworm under your hair is if your scalp is really itchy.
Be careful though as it does spread easily, my friend had one on her upper arm and we rubbed arms standing side by side at a bus stop and the next day I had a ringworm in that exact place on my upper arm. Also got it from rubbing noses with my cat when I was younger, my face broke out and the teachers told me to stay away from school for a week.

delores l
Listen, go to a dermatologist don't fool with a ringworm!

Delores 1

Rhonda B
I've never heard of such a thing but call your doctor's offfice and ask the nurse on call. Also, be sure to wash your hands good after applying the Lotrimin. It will clear up within a week or so. If it leaves a scar get some Medurma. It worked for my son. He got ringworm on his cheek after a kid pinched him(and broke the skin) when he was in Kindergarten.

lol the more you search the more likely you are to spread it there, just dont touch it. It will be itchy and probably red if you do. I got a really nasty case of ring worm and it wouldnt go away no matter what stuff i used. Im on a swim team, and when practices started and I started swimming in a chlorinated pool, it went away in seriously 2 days. Best treatment ever! go swim for an hour for a week and it will dissapear, trust me!

You should probably search, if you put the medication on I seriously doubt that it spread to your head. But if you are that worried then check. The only other symptom that I could think of that isn't visible is maybe itching. It should be visible if you search and it probably wouldn't take more than 15-30 minutes.

Yeah Im pretty sure thats not true, because that would mean a lot of people would have bald spots. Ring worm is actually a fungus not a worm and have you ever heard of a fungus completely stopping hair growth or something like that? But yeah you should go to a doctor and get some prescription or have him check your head for them since you cant really see that and you don't want some other person touching them when they dont know what they are doing.

well, same here, i just found out that i have ringworm couple days ago, by that time i didn't think it was ringworm until my coach told me that
but hey i did some research on the internet and in wikipedia.com and found out that in Head and Shoulder shampoo, there is something called Zinc pyrithione and that can treat ringworm
i'm going to buy Head and Shoulder tomorrow :D
good luck with that

Alastor D
If you have ringworms, you should see a round spot on your head. You won't lose your hair forever. It's temporary, so relax! You'll know you have it once your hair falls out in a certain area. But since it hasn't, you should be fine.

It's very itchy, so you'll know if it's on your scalp by locating the itch.

And who told you your hair will never grow back? That's a lie. Have you ever seen cats and dogs lose their hair due to mange? (Mange is the animal's version of ringworm; but when we get it it's called mange.) They might get a bald spot while they have the mange on them, but then the hair grows back. Same with humans and ringworm.

Actually, I got ringworm from my cats lots of times, but I never got it in the scalp. I don't think it can spread there anyway, at least from my experience. And even if you can get it in the scalp, trust me, your hair will grow back.

Try Blue Star Ointment, which you can get over the counter at just about any Rite Aid/CVS/Walgreens. Whenever I put that straight on the ringworm, it takes it right out.

And another note: From someone's answer above, it seems some people still think ringworm is caused by a worm. Ringworm is not caused by a worm; it's a fungus. It's simply called ringworm because of the circular, "wormlike" pattern the fungus makes on the skin when it has infected it.

In answer to the gentleman below: Blue Star has always for for me, for any fungal infection. It actually dries out the fungus and kills it.

it's not true, don't worry...it doesnt spread that fast that far without leaving a "trail" of other ringworms. and even if it did get on your head, you may lose some hair where it is, but it does grow back.

Have someone look at it with rubber gloves on - ring worms are highly contagious. It has a "C" shape, it is elevated and like white or Grey in color, and it itches.

If you still are very concerned, go to the doctor, right away. You don't want that to spread all over your head. You will have to shave your hair.

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