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 I have a sweaty behind any suggestions/solutions???
i have quite a sweaty/smelly bum hole(not smelly to the point you can smell it in places etc.) just like smelly armpits sorry to put it in this way i dont no weather because it is hairy or not but i ...

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i have acne on my back , chest and arms and face ive tryed all sorts of thing like Creams , Tablets , and lots of sun , but nothing seems too work it really gets me down because i cant way tops that ...

 I have a small lump on the side of my head?
it is approximately 2cm x 1 cm, and is under the surface skin, but not attached to the skull - it does not cause pain and feels like a fatty lump....

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I started having extremely itchy skin on my legs two months ago and since then I have tried five different lotions for relief. I tried Jergens, Vaseline, Suave, Nivea, and some kind of body butter ...

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 I have a acne problem how can i make my acne go away?
i try washing my face every day but i forget sometimes and when it finally starts to go away it comes ...

 Who has a birthmark (an unusual one)?

 Can u turn my black lips red ?
i'm 18th and i had bin smokin for a while and thankfuly i've quit .! its been 3 months since then. but my lips still have that blackish luk on them atleast not red can sumone advice me as ...

 What should I do about this flesh eating virus I have?
It started on my male member so it could take months to reach the rest of me....

 If you have suffered from acne which product worked best for you?
Which skin care product would you recommend from personal experiance? I am thinking of using proactive but people have told me that it dosen't work and makes the skin worse. I am using clean &...

 I am 17yrs old and I have cellulite. I really hate it and I need to get rid of it. Is there a way?
I know that I am young to have it but it runs in my family to be very over weight. I don't want to end up like that so I need help. I work out 4 days a week and try to eat healthy. I am about to ...

 How to get rid of Razor Rash?
Got a date tonight and red small spots on my neck, driving me insane, what could I used to help remove them (no makeup, thanks though) lol

Thanks for any help, hope you have a great warm ...

 Dandruff: What causes it and how do you get rid/prevent it??

 I have the biggest zit imaginable on my forehead!?
I used to have a cluster of breakouts on my face, but they all went away recently and my skin's been looking great. Then, this morning I wake up and BAM! I have Mt. Everest on my forehead, no ...

 Is it true that once you have chickenpox you would not get it again?Why?

 Every time I get a moisquito bite on my leg the area gets warm and it swells, idk what to do.?
putting an icepack sorta helps but it'll last for like a week then go away! I need help because it keeps happening every time I get bit on my leg only!...

Summer I
How do you get birthmarks?

Additional Details
;)... I KNOW you're born with them. I was asking how you are born with them....how they get there during/before birth.

korean=love anti jonas/cyrus
u were born with them. "birth" mark. get it?

Jeffery L
ur born with them

No ... I think not everyone get birthmarks

you are born with them. It is a section of skin that has a different color than your other skin.

err.... at birth. It's just an area where the pigmentation was a little darker.


Nohbdy Ahtall
"A birthmark is a blemish on the skin formed before birth. They are part of the group of skin lesions known as "naevi". They are not hereditary. They are soft raised swellings on the skin, often with a bright red surface, and some may look a bit like a strawberry. They are also known as "strawberry naevi" or as "infantile haemangiomas". They appear after birth, usually in the first month, and can occur anywhere on the skin. They are more of a problem when they affect the face. The cause of birthmarks is not fully understood. They are a benign overgrowth of blood vessels in the skin, and are made up of cells that usually form the inner lining of blood vessels. They are thought to occur as a result of a localized imbalance in factors controlling the development of blood vessels. Strawberry marks affect as many as one in ten newborn Caucasian babies but only about 1% of Asian and black children have them. They are particularly common in premature babies. Strawberry marks are not a sign of ill health, or associated with cancer." - Wikipedia

Full Page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Birthmark

trauma due to the penile thrusts on the uterus ,

Birthmarks are just patches of skin with extra melanin in the skin cells; you're born with 'em, that's why they're called *birth* marks.

that's a good question i only know they are formed before a child is born and i have heard if the mom craves food and does not get it and she touches her face or leg the baby has a birth mark there is this true i cant swear but some women say it is

People get birthmarks however they are position in the whom perhaps a mother falls maybe the baby will get a birthmark

Brian Palethorpe
They can be caused by various things. I have a birth mark on my head, which is hidden by my hair. How about that, at 72? It amounts to a bold patch which I believe was caused by the use of forceps to get me out. I didn't want to come and now I don't want to go! C'est la vie!

The mad rocker queen
They just come from God

Miiss Cherry
i really dont know
but my brothers were 20 & 22 years older than me and we all had the same birth mark
its in a place that is very private , so why all in the same place and the same size & colour
no i never looked just got told
x x x

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