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best product to forget about acne?!?!?!?!?!...

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Richard B
How can i stop my hands from cracking open , and being dry, in the winter?

Before going to bed rub a fair amount of vasaline on them and they will be good in the morning. do that every other night or so..It will help a lot...

MSC Lieu
Shea butter during the day. Use baby oil on your skin before you dry off from the shower. That will help your skin retain more moisture than without. Use lotion with shea butter to help heal the cracks. Go to a store like Bath & Bodyworks to find good stuff. They have a whole line of shea butter products.

mine too...oww.

Yo Mama
I try to wear gloves when I am doing the dishes this time of year.

I also wear gloves cleaning the bathroom.

bin there dun that
When my hands get that bad, I have to use petroleum jelly (Vaseline). Actually, to prevent it from getting that bad, I start using it when it starts to snow. Everytime after I wash my hands, before I leave my house, and before I go to bed. Keep it off the palms of your hands ... very slippery. I put a dab on the back of one hand and then rub the backs of my hands together to spread it around. Good luck, I know it's awful trying to get that under control.

Cheap natural alternative is sorbolene with a few drops of olive oil that's use for medical purpose.

use some REALLY good Moisturizing hand lotion

Jack B
I get the same problem sometimes too. All you have to do is constantly put lotion onto your skin. If you wash your hands often, try to cut back on it. After you wash your hands, drying them just pulls the moisture out of your skin, making them dryer, and you eventually get that cracked skin feeling. I've also heard that the soap you use while washing your hands pulls moisture out as well.

use moisteriser or keep your hands warm by wearing gloves.

I work in health care so between winter and hand washing mine used to get dry and horrible.

First, I switched to hand sanitizer instead of hand washing all the time. Get a hand sanitizer that has moisturizer in it.

Second, I use Satin Hands from Mary Kay. There's an exfoliant in it that you use first and a night cream. There's also an incredible lotion that you can use during the day. It's not a fruity girly smell either so it can be used for guys or girls. This stuff has totally saved my skin this year.

I can hook you up with a website if you want.

Man, I hate when that happens! I use Avon's Intensive Moisture Therapy during the day and then at night I put it on my hands real thick and then put on white gloves and wear them to bed! It sounds silly but it really works! I hate when you get those cracks around the nails, seems like that's where you always bump them! OUCHY!!

you have to constantly use lotions if that dont work try Vaseline

Use Neutrogena's Norwegian hand cream. It's the only one that works. Also, wear gloves when you are outdoors.

there is this older product that is still around called bag balm and it works really well cause i have the same condtion it really does work good. and wear gloves when you go outside after you apply the moisturizer to keep them nice and moist. if you dont like that by some utter cream for cow utters, it works very well too. I know what you are going through.

mixture of vaseline and Neosporin ointment, esp at night and first thing in the morning

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