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How can I get rid of this wart on my finger?
I have had it for over a year now. I've had about five liquid nitrogen treatments and each time it is only got bigger.

I have also used wart paint (salactol) from a pharmacy.

Now my doctor says there is nothing more they can do and the pharmacy has said the only solution would be more liquid nitrogen.

Is there any way I can get rid of it rorever?

I live in London.

hi im charmain id advise buzuka that varuka that works on warts its gd.x

I had a wart on my finger 2 years ago. I used to cut it with nail clippers and it one day just popped out and left a hole which finally clossed up. You can also use coaustic soda to burn it. Just put a drop on it make sure it dosent go on any other part of the skin.

Evelyn L
Freeze it off. It's quick and painless.

dan h
i used the acids and the freezing only to have it come right back. I had to have it cut out. here it had a root about an inch long. the doc said that common.

OMG I have the same problem!I've never had a wart before until approx 1yr ago and it's on my finger too!I've tried everything to get rid of it....but it just won't go!To be honest I've given up...but maybe ur question will help me too!Thanks!!lol

Mike T
Over the counter cream called Bazuka. It works, maybe not immediately, but in a week or 2. Dab it on the wart, wait til it goes white thn put a plaster over it. Leave it for a few days, then rub the area with an emery board or pumice stone. You'll see a lot of the flesh comes off. Then reapply the Bazuka and repeat.

All a wart is is a skin growth reaction by the body to a virus (HPV). Eventually the body will defeat the virus, but til then all you have to o is get rid of the extra skin. Bazuka contains an ingredient which breaks down skin.

Your GP should be able to freeze it and within tym it will go

andy m
hi i actually had four on one hand.. it took about a year but they do advenutally go away by them selves. but yeah they do get bigger before they go

When I was a young lad i was told to wet the tip of a matgh and rub it in the wart this i did and it worked it went away and it worked for me hope it does for you

I know this may sound kinda gross, but I have rid myself of several warts in this fashion.

Warts are caused by anaerobic (oxygen-intolerant) bacteria, meaning that oxygen will kill them.

What I did, was use a nail-clippers to clip off as much of the dead skin above the wart as possible, then I split the wart in half, forcing the edges apart to expose the core inside to air.

It bled a bit, but after about a week, I noted that it started going away. I did the same on other warts on my fingers, and they too disappeared and have never come back.

Ash W
My mum used ot put banana skin or thistle milk on my warts when I was little. It seamed to work. You could also try lucas paw paw treatment

Add on: I have also heard alot about warts being a thing of the mind and that you can find something that has a placebo effect

go to a GP and request minor surgery to cut it out - not all surgeries do it, so find one that does. You can try charms and stuff, but no guarantees of course!

Don't cut it. Your GP/ Physician can freeze it with liquid nitrogen. I had it done when I was little it went away there and then.

I used to have abut 8 warts , and i went to the doctors and he would freeze them off, i had cream, tablets, tried filing them and cutting them off and nothing worked.

So one day we went to a chinese herbal remedies shop and they gave me some seeds which i would put on the wart and leave on with a plaster .. and do this every day for a while. It actually worked, and onli cost me about £1! The onli thing that worked for me was cheap and easy! I would certainly give it a try!

Good luck!

My daughter had the same thing and we tried every thing from going to our GP and then to the pharmacist. Nothing worked and she had the wart for over 2 years. Somebody then said put carpet tape or duct tape over it, changing it each day. I did this for 2 weeks not really thinking it would work, but , as it was cheap and not doing any harm I carried on. One night when I came to change the tape the wart just came away with it, without any pain. I have told other people to try this cure and everyone says it is better and easier than what you buy at the chemists. Good luck.

Go to your local chemist, they will recommend something for you,that's what i did years ago when i had one.

the GP should be able to freeze it off - they did this with my friends on her toe she had for about a year...just go there and tell them im not leaving till you remove it haha!

have a witch spit on it.

Burn it,

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