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Hope for tanning fair/freckled skin???
I am 23 and have fair skin with freckles.. I've had the hardest time my whole life getting a tan, but there's gotta be something I can do to be bronze !!! (and preferabbly naturally) I am scared of tanning beds, and don't really want to have to maintain a sprayed on tan.. ANY HELP???

Riemann's P 20. Only apply it once, it lasts all day. You won't burn, and will get a bit of colour. Obviously fair skinned people will never get as dark as those with lots of pigment.

Flapjack empire
I'm in the same predicament. I hate myself fair (which I am naturally) and think I look 100 times nicer with a bit of a tan. I don't want to risk going on sunbeds and most fake tans are hard to maintain and go streaky/blotchy/end up on the bed linen and brastraps! Sorry I don't have the answer but I'll keep an eye here incase someone elso does!!

I would just stay fair and freckled. A friend of mine recently had skin cancer and she is fair and freckled. She's an avid golfer. The fact that it's hard for you to get a tan is a sign you are not supposed to get one.

i am the same way as you. go outside someday when it is sunny and put on very little Sunscreen so that way you should not get that bad of a burn if you do but stay outside for a little while and cover the spots you dont want tanned. Stay out for 30 min. the first day and gradually increase the time. hope you can get a tan :)

Yeah Im with you but Im just waiting for the sun to come back out. UV rays break down protiens and causes cells to grow too fast and not know when to stop which is known as cancer which we dont want to happen.

I have some Hawaiian Tropic tan of the islands factor 4 sun tanning lotion. Go out in the sun for maybe 30 minutes and flip and all that stuff. A litle bit each day as long as you stay safe and ALWAYS wear sun screen.

Google had a piece on it. Basically if you have the freckle gene you will develope more freckles the more you're exposed to UV light (IE tanning beds and sun light). The non-freckle skin will tan too, but nowhere near as fast as the freckles. Also, the freckles will get darker and stay darker.

with fair skin it shouldnt be hard - I have fair skin too and can hardly get thru a summer w/out a sunburn! Wear lots of sunblock when you go out and try not to sit in the sun from 10-2. But if you go out and work or sit in the sun for a little while each week you should get a tan. If not tho dont worry about it... its not that great for your skin anyway!

Carrie S
Do you really want to end up with skin like Donatella Versace? If so, spend your life in the sun and end up with a face like a wrinkled handbag. Sun damage is the No. 1 aging thing you can do to your skin. Not only does it age you but you get increased risk of melanomas (skin cancer) and your face with absolutely cover with freckles - some of which will never disappear.

My advice is to learn to love your skin. Fair creamy well maintained complexions are far more attractive than footie-wife style orange face, false nails and straightened hair.

If you want a tan for a special night out then go for a spray tan (from 19.00 in salons) or buy the L'oreal airbrush spray tan (around Ā£11 a can) which works great on very fair skin.

Tans are so nineties these days anyway.......

Donna M
I'm fair with freckles too, and I've never had a suntan in my life. In fact, I've always been told to avoid it because of the kind of skin I have.

Try one of those gradual tan moisturisers. They do look quite real - and you don't want to go too dark.

The whole tan leathery look is pretty creepy. Love you fair skin and feckles, and don't be like every other bimbo going tanning, it's unhealthy. But hey, who cares if you get skin cancer in the future just as long as you follow a beauty trend, right?

i have skin cancer 11 operations to remove m. tumers iam also red headed covered in freckles the freckles are the clue to not burn your skin by any method known to man enjoy your skin while you have it

I'm much older than you and have fair skin with freckles. At one time I used to envy people with tanned skins but I can see the damage they've done now. It really is no longer fashionable to have a tan. Sunbeds cause cancer too. Why don't you be pale and beautiful with creamy skin. I've never sat in the sun and my friends look like prunes compared to me. I can also get away with knocking some years off my age too!

Ivan R

I too have fair & freakled skin and I know for a fact that this means I wont tan very easily at all. In fact people who have fair or freakled skin are recommended to avoid tanning as much as possible, why? because people with fair skin tend to burn very easily and NOT to tan very easily. There is also a higher risky of skin cancers for people with fair skins.

**I know its all very depressing especially when you see people on the beach with wondeful bronzed torsos.

**If you are still determined to have a bronze tan, get a fake one. They are actully safer as far as I know and dont carry any of the associated health risks, only the risk to your pocket.

**for myself, I know I can only tolerate about 20-30mins in the sun before I will burn and get yet more freakles,etc.

**YES! I would myself suggest you also avoid tanning beds and especially spray on tans. Buy a good fake cosmetic type tan one that you apply yourself & have a friend apply for you? could be funn too!!


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