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Help red sore and smelly belly button!?
My belly button is very red and painful and smells horrible, it started on monday and has slowly got worse. Pharmacy said it from over washing! Anyone have any other advice or idea what caused this??

It has an infection you now need antibiotics from the doctor.

Keely H
possibly underwashing???? only joking, maybe you had a reaction to the cream/soap or shower gel you used, i would use savlon or an antiseptic and dont scratch.....x

the dancer in pink
usually if you peirce ur bellybutton or ear and it gets infected the infection smells bad. is ur belly button peirced??

you are probably ready to give birth to an alien creature (out of your belly button that is)

I keep getting the same thing. I would am very interested in what everyone says. I keep putting the Dr off as it seems like a silly thing to go to them about.

pug lover
Sounds like an irritation or infection. Try using rubbing alcohol on it. Let it dry out real good then apply a ointment like Neosporin w/antibiotics.

dorothy s
I suspect that you may have an infection, try Sudocrem it is a nappy cream which is recommended for lots of other problems.

my daughter gets this problem occasionally, usually happens when she doesn't get all the soap out of her belly button. rubbing alchohol or peroxide will help dry up the moisture trapped. an antibiotic cream will help too. my doc said it's similar to a yeast infection.

Gerry Atrix
Hydrogen peroxide swab. If that doesn't work see a doctor.

sounds like a fungal infection to me. i would dab in some Tea Tree Oil or you could ask your pharmacist for a cream. also ensure you keep the area clean (but avoid overwashing!) and just as important - dry. the fungus will thrive in an area which is warm and damp, a bit of baby powder will help absorb excess moisture.

Like everyone else said you probably need an antibiotic also try savlon cream applied to a clean" button" this really soothes any irritation. Dont use any harsh cleaning products just some warm water and cotten wool to swab with.
Hope you feel better soon.

Pain, redness and bad smell either means an infectious process or a fungal process. Either way, you should consult your doctor, you will most likely need a prescription. Don't wait as either one will get worse.

I get this, it is a fungal infection and my doctor said to treat it with a cream for athletes Foot.

The Pale Rider
sounds like your allergic to spooge, dawg. stop punishing the purple mushroom so much.

Regardless of how you have this condition I would suggest that you go see your Doctor/Nurse for a prescription, before your skin really does start breaking down!!. It certainly sounds like you already have an infection.

Wash and dry carefully morning and evening and apply Canesten thrush cream-stronger than the athletes Foot cream.
It will take about a week or more to go .
Be very careful to keep a separate cloth for washing this area and a separate towel as it can spread to other areas like underarms under breasts,groins and anywhere on the body that is warm and moist!

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