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 Can someone plz explain what exfoliating is exactly??
is it the same as scrubing your skin with a bath scruber?? is it a cream? what is it...thanx for your answers
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what kind of cream do you recommend?...

 How much Clorox should I add to my bathwater to get rid of body lice?
how embarrasing ...

 Does poison ivy spread through the body via blood circulation?

 Any cure for old acne scars?
They aren't craters or anything, just discolored spots on my chin from picking at past blemishes. What should I do?...

 Why do some people have dark armpits & what can they do to make it go away?
What I mean is that their armpits are darker than the rest of their skin
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what i mean is that when there's no hair its just ...

 What are some good home remedies that stop acne?
Like, what foods to avoid or other things that help it?...

 Plz smbody help me...?
i get mouth ulcer n its really annoying n paining. And i read in a book that u might be at a risk if it lasts longer then 2 weeks. Is that true? Im really worried n have no idea how to get rid of it.....

 How can I get rid of a wort without seeing a dermatologist?

 I'm wondering about eczema?
My 20 month old son was diagnosed with eczema yesterday and given a steroid cream to get rid of it. Even though the doctor says it's eczema I'm not sure. He doesn't itch it at all ...

 What is a home remeday for geing rid of warts?

 When do my legs turn green?

 My skin is tanned and i want to get rid of the tan..?
I'm Latin mixed with white... so my skin is a light brownish color... but this summer i tanned alot... its also very easy and fast for me to get tanned... now i want to get rid of it... i heard ...

 How do you get rid of stretch marks even if your skinny? Seriously?

 Lumps in ear lobes, what should i do?
well ive had lumps in my ear lobes before and in future times ive squeezed them assuming it was no big deal and have eventually gotten them to pop and heal, but im getting kind of sick of living in a ...

 Dark circles???
I'm a 20 yr old female residing in delhi, India. I've acute dark circles. i've read that tea bags hepls in reducing dark circles. can anyone please tell which brand of tea bags should ...

 What are these little hard black specks I find in my sheets in the morning?
They are hard and little I just brush them out with my ...

 I need help on what to do?
My friend has ringworm and i think i got it. I just saw today that i might have it. im afraid to tell my parents. should i tell them or not? i think i should but they told me to try to stay away from ...

 Can you have shingles, without the spots blisters coming , my G P says you can.. what do others think?

Additional Details
to date I have the itching ,burning sensation on my skin, but NO spots , or blisters, just feel very drained . and a painful side, and back area. Flu feeling , + ...

 I have 2 year old stretch marks, Please tell me something to help get rid of them???????

 What do i use to get rid of acne and scars ?????
i hav scars now from healing acne and they look lyk dots all ova and its really bad so i wanna get rid of acne b4 anymore pop up...i use clearasil ultra, it seems to help a bit and oil or cream ...

Help!!! I have a ringworm on my back, how do I get rid of it?
I've never had one before in my life and I have one on my back Im freaking out cause I have two kids and I dont want them to get it. I have no medical insurance, what can I use or buy to get rid of it and soon as possible?

I'm a nurse. You need an antibiotic from the doctor to get rid of it, make an appointment.

nikita s
pls better go to a skin specialist instead of trying any home medications .

The One
For them not to get it, don't touch anyone. To get rid of it, they have anti-itch cream and atheletes foot cream that you can use!!!

This is going to sound weird but it worked on me. Buy a pack of Menthol cigarettes. smoke of or burn it down through the filter so that their is a lot of Nicotine and Menthol on the filter. Remove whats left of the tobacco and rub the stained filter on the ringworm. Do this about 3 times a day. IT gets rid of the worm. It works. I've no idea why.

texas nanna
try blue star ointment.

just curious
Ringworm is a common fungal infection that is highly contagious and can spread quickly. If your child gets it, alert his friends' parents to prevent an epidemic. Treatment can take weeks.
STEP 1: Part back a section of hair so you can see the scalp. STEP 2: Look for one or several round patches of redness with spots around the edges, red rings or scaling skin. STEP 3: Take your child to the family doctor or pediatrician if you spot any of these symptoms. The doctor may prescribe medication to be taken for up to four weeks. STEP 4: Apply over-the-counter cream to your child's scalp for small patches of ringworm. STEP 5: Shampoo your child's hair two to three times a week. In some cases Selsun Blue works well, but it can be very irritating to children and people with tender skin. Try using the over-the-counter creams with your usual shampoo. STEP 6: Let school or day care officials know your child has ringworm. STEP 7: Use different combs, brushes, hats, caps, hair bows and hair clips for each family member. STEP 8: Check each member of the household for ringworm, including pets. STEP 9: Wash your hands after you touch your child's scalp. STEP 10: Ask your child to wash his hands frequently, especially after he brushes his hair. Tips & Warnings
Ringworm will cause hair to become brittle and break off. In most cases, this is only temporary. In some cases, scalp scarring will occur.
Some experts advise seeing a doctor before beginning treatment for ringworm of the scalp in children.
Try the nonprescription drug Lamisil. It contains Terbinafine, which has just been approved for over-the-counter use. Apply it twice a day with a cotton swab. You must be consistent in your application, and you must continue applying the cream for at least two weeks.
Ringworm can affect adults as well on the scalp, feet (athlete's foot), groin ("jock itch") and sometimes over the entire body.
Untreated ringworm can lead to impetigo, a subclinical skin infection.
If you have any questions or concerns, contact a physician or other health care professional before engaging in any activity related to health and diet. This information is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment.
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Overall Things You'll Need
prescriptions drugs, as directed
Shampoos For Normal Hair

♥Pyar Ki Pari♥
oh thats a problem...see i had it a couple of months ago and the only thing that is an option is going to a dermatologist to get antibiotics and this cream prescribed...if u dont act quickly...it will grow very big...i didnt know mine was ringworm until it grew...and then we figured it out. u should really try to get to a doctor that can prescribe something to u
good luck! i hope u get better!

ring worm is a fungus, so buy an antfungal cream. Ask a pharmacist next time you are at Walmart, he'll tell you what to get over the counter...if there is anything that will work.

ringworm is a type of fungus...i had them on my back before too. Try Lotrimin Ultra or Lamisil.

Karrien Sim Peters
you can come over and skinny dip with me in my pond. I bet the fish will eat it!

You can put finger nail polish on it and it will kill it. I promise! I had one as a child and my mom did it and it went away really fast. Everyone has nail polish around the house.

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