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Does showering too often dry out your skin?
Because I shower two or three times a day (It's my favorite way to relax) and I'm wondering if this contributes to my dry skin, or if it's just naturally that way.

yes and no.

yes.. because most of the water is "hard water" which makes your skin dry.

no, because when you use the moisterizing soaps, it brings back the softness and oils that your body needs. it's kind of like using conditioner on your hair after using shampoo.. it softens it after cleaning it.

yes it can

Yes... showering too often can dry out your skin, it can also damage your hair.

the other answers are right - Its hurting your skin.

Get an irritant free shower gel or wash and use a little oil after the shower but before using the towel - give a few seconds to absorb.

exederm.com have a great wash but they don't do an oil - maybe neutogena for the oil

good luck

Trevor Zen
yes the warmer the water, the drier your skin will be. i use olay quench for extremely dry Skin everytime after i shower.

if u take hot showers and dont remoisturize everytime...then frequent showerin could be ur problem. get some Eucerin works wonders

Brookelynn r
probably does dry out your skin, try getting Moisturizing soap like dove moisurizing

Of course it can. You need to replace the moisture with a lotion or cream if you are going to shower so frequently.

my new life
stay in 4 5 min.

dr s
yes, if you want to get rid of dryness, try less showering for example twice a week or if you cant try some Moisturizing creams each time after showering and try me as the best answer

you know showering more than once a day can cause dry Skin because every time we shower we remove our body's natural oil, which is what keeps us hydrated and with our skin soft. When you shower more than once a day u are removing these oils without giving the opportunity for the oils to emerge back to the surface. Just remember to use lotion or a moisturizer to prevent this from happening.....hope I helped!

soap dries your skin! use a non soap wash and moisturise after each shower!!

Yeah .. I notice my skin gets a little tighter if I tend to shower more than once a day. I find it invigorating and washes away a tiresome days work.
Try to use lukewarm water and make them quick.
Avoid brushing your teeth in the shower as it can prolong your time in there.
Don't use too much soap
After the shower while the skin is still damp use some moisterizer

Showers dry out your skin. Especially warm/hot water in general... the heat draws out hydration from your skin and promotes your cells to operate much faster, requiring much more energy and water for your body to operate. So, internally and externally, you are being dried out.

Yes, especially if you take hot showers all the time.

Showering with super hot water strips your skin of natural moisture. However, I shower everyday sometimes twice a day...I cant stand to feel like my skin is crawling!...Just make sure to lotion up your skin right after your shower and pat your skin dry with a towel after you get out...dont rub with the towel..

AS everyone is pointing out, the hotter the water, the drier the skin. But really, when is a lukewarm shower really "relaxing"? I understand the benifits of a hot, steamy shower.An upside to hot water is that it will open your pores, allowing whatever lotion/ oil you apply, directly after being in the shower to be truly absorbed.

Stick with the Moisturizing soaps, then ladle on something like a nice shea butter lotion after ( again RIGHT after ) your shower. There are a million brands out there, the body shop and burts bees should have something natural and effective.

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