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 What is the best chapstick/other treatment for chapped lips?

 I need a sunblock for a male, what's the best?
i am a guy who hates the damages to my skin caused by over-exposure to the sun, can you recommend a good sunscreen for me to apply, and how long does it last before i re-apply it?...

 Toenail HELP!!!!?
Ingrowing toenail? very red and sore, very painfull. What's the best remedy?
Additional Details
OUCH :-( THAT HURT!! Tried to get the corner bit mega pain, red, swollen and just ...

 Having shower in cold water, warm water or hot water???which is better for the skin, body and the hair?

 Why does my daughter's hair ends smell?
When wet, my daughter's hair has a bad metallic smell on the ends. (She is 8.) The scalp smells clean, but even after washing, the metallic smell on the ends won't go away. My mom thinks ...

 How do I get rid of....?
my acne and acne marks, picture day is in 3 days I need serious help. Are there any products or home treatments?
Additional Details
besides P...

 Tiny bubbles on my arms?
There are very tiny dry bubbles kind of thing on my outer biceps, they never pain or irritate. It seems like the hairs are getting trapped in the outer layer. Dunno what is it. Consulted several ...

 What's the best way to get rid of puffiness under eyes?
I always look tired even when Im not!! Ive even tried putting on hemorrhoid meds to reduce the puffiness - but it doesn't seem to work....what else can I do?...

 How long will it take to get a tan if I use baby oil all over myself? Thank youuu!!?

 My daughter has a rash with no bumps and it blends together can you help me figure out what it is?

 Ill be 18 in a few months an my skin is still really bad help !!!!?
i allways have spots around my chin there allways there from being 12 i have never had clear skin my nose is coverd in black heads an all so my back is really spoty i shower three times a day an ...

on both of my cheeks i have these tiny little red spots, which apparently make my cheeks look 'rosy' but i dont think so.. i hate them sooo much ive had them for like 3 years now..


 I got my first cold sore/ fever blister Now that i have this sore on my lip do i have Herpes now???

 What is in my finger?
Well on my right hand palm up there and a small lump under my skin that is movable on my pointerfinger.. I;ve always wanted to know what it was, my nana said it's a sist, and I don't know ...

 Why do mosquito bites itch?

 How to cure boils?

 Underarm rash?
I am 16 and around a year and a half ago I developed a rash under both my arms. It does not itch but consists of many brown patches that merge together in the middle. I have tried using different ...

 THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT!! I have a bump behind my earlobe, what is it?!??!?
it hurts pretty bad, and i sqeezed it a bit and some puss came out.....idk what the **** it is, but im scared....what if i get cancer?!?!?!?!?! i have had it for a while...idk how many months or ...

 How can i cure my coldsore on the side of my mouth?

 I have little itchy bumps on my lips, what is it?
My sister gets coldsores, but throughout my lifetime, i've never had one. About a week ago, I notice little bumps on my lower left side of my lip, I used lip balm, but now it has spread around ...

Does cheese have effect on our body.?
I have been eating cheese for quiet a long time and it gives me ball on my face any time i weak up from bed,i really do not understand why.

sarah o
It's possible that chesse is not good for your system. Just stop eating it.

adam b
Anything in excess is bad for you.

pick it of and play footie with it then

The only thing cheese, only bad thing cheese does to me is if i eat a whole bunch is constipate me. But i love cheese.

Lucky Man 2
It is full of fat, have you got fat chops?

It only makes me happy

Ellie E
It makes you have great dreams! and it tastes great. Surely something so lovely, can't be bad for you :)

cheese and dairy products and also eggs can aggrivate exczeme and nasal congestion...i have both haha and have been told to lya off them...but i love cheese to much!

cheese (great stuff!) also increases brain activity causing you to have strange dreams or nightmares

it is also fattening and you can have an intolerance to it

hope this helps!


im an er
yes---makes you haVE SPELLING MISTAKES

probably the fat in the cheese that makes you weak when you wake up,

On the Sleigh (again!)
Maybe you should pick 'cleaner' guys.

However, thanks or your honesty.

it gives you gas and sometimes makes you constipated

Matthew W
It can make one constipated. Because of it's fat content, you could get fatter or obese. I'm not certain about your complaints but they don't appear to be caused from cheese. Remember...everything in moderation.

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