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Denise G
Does benadryl work for skin rashes? If not WHAT DOES!! I'm dying!?

If you're talking about getting rid of the itching, yes it should. My daughter had the Chickenpox this year at age 14 and she itched really bad. The Aveeno baths helped a lot but the benedryl helped even more.

Good luck!

Its supposed to. But it has an affect on me that I don't like....my body itches when I've taken it in the past. Try not to take it too close to bedtime cuz if the same thing happens to you its gonna be like having bugs crawling all under your skin. YIKES

If there aren't any open sores, try some Mentholatum and then cover the affected areas over night. That stuff works wonders on dry cracked skin with socks and/or plastic gloves overnight the skin just comes out new - I believe its an old indian thing with Eucalyptus...whatever the case may be try it cuz it works great for me. I try to stay away from the man-made pills (don't tell my doctors).

..................think about it............

Hydrocortisone creams and aveno baths.

You can use a formula that is activate by Dermetagolist. Those lotions help you with skin rashes such as Aveeno. I use that all the time because it has the "oatmeal" forumla and can help you with your problems. My boyfriend's sister uses it cause she has skin problems also. Her doctor advised her to use it, and now her skin problems are over. Allow 2-3 weeks for the changes, and also try the Aveeno day and night facial cleanser. It works very well!

Benadryl should work for an allergic rash, if not, get some Cortisone cream from the drug store. more info for your rash can be found on webmd.com

calamine or Caladryl work pretty good at stopping the itch. Calamine is cheaper. dab it on with a cotton ball

It does, but if you use Benadryl, use the cream OR the pill - do not use both; that will make things worse. Using both will cause a reaction worse than what you already have - most likely full body hives. Also, you can use a hypoallergenic moisturizer so the skin doesn't crack.

If it's an allergy yes it will work.

yes, Benadryl works for skin rashes
but it takes time

Yes it does. Also, try some Aveeno cream.

yes. also try a moisturizer unless it is poison Ivy...then use something that will dry out the skin some for poison Ivy.

yes it does, it is an antihistamine so it helps with all allergic reactions, you could also use Hydrocortisone cream

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