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Does applying cocunut oil on your head cause dandruff??
I experience dandruff when i apply cocunut oil on my head. what is the reason for it?? can any one suggest a method to prevent this??

No. Dandruff is one of the major disorders of the scalp.Poor hygiene, improper diet ,sluggish condition of the scalp caused by poor blood circulation are the main causes of dandruff. A herbal rinse is a safe method of removing dandruff. Apply lemon juice with the rind on the scalp .After 5 minutes wash off with shampoo and water. More simple remedies at http://usefulinfo-dandruff.blogspot.com/

Jyoti P
No coconut oil can not cause dandruff. Shampoo with any anti dandruff shampoo with Luke warm water,

no its not like that but if u apply oil on your wet hairs it can cause dandruf

It is an oil so it is hydrating your scalp. The dandruff is not from the coconut oil. It is because your scalp is dry and dehydrated. What the coconut oil is probably doing is getting rid of the dry Skin on your scalp already. If you continue to use the coconut oil every day or atleast every other day your scalp wil become more hydrated and the dandruff will disappear. Then when the dandruff is all gone you will only need to use it about once a week to keep your scalp moist. But the cocnut oil absolutely does not cause dandruff. Sometimes we do not realize exactly how dry our scalp is until we use something to Hydrate it. My sister is a haidresser and she uses cocnut oil on herself and all our family when she does our hair. I use it in the winter about once a week to Hydrate my scalp and to keep the dandruff away.

Hopefully everything works out for you...

spiritual healer
It is a news for me as I have also used that oil for months without any dandruff problem.

1mm0rtEl (I m Mortal)
no in fact coconut oil is effective against dry skin

I do not think that coconut oil causes dandruff.. Oil massage on the contrary helps get off the scales off your scalp.. But if you want to get rid of dandruff you can use shampoo Head and Shoulders . .really good with many having same complaints.. Besides why not try a oil steam mask .. Apply oil to the roots of your hair.. and apply a towel rinse in hot water .. Let the towel for 15 or 20 minutes .. the heat will help the scalp to soak the oil.. After wash with a paste of grounded channa dal..


i dint think coconut oil or any oil can help dandruff.what helps my dandruff is a shampoo call Nizoral once a week or until its cleared up.you can purchase at walmart or target price about the same only draw back is it does thin your hair but it really works

No that does not cause dandruff.

Hot Coco Puff
Use Tea Tree Oil, not coconut oil. Tea tree is for scalp issues, you might be allergic to the coconut oil and are experiencing a reaction. No big deal. You can get the Tea Tree Oil essential oil or shampoos and conditioners that have it added in as well. Good luck.

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