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Does anyone know why my head itches right in the middle?
I know sometimes we have dry itchy scalp. But this case is different. My scalp usually itches me so bad in the middle of my head. This has been going on for more than a year now. Sometimes i get carried away and begin to pull my hair out right on that spot.. i am afraid i might get bald on that spot. This is not normal, is there any medical condition for this? it itches so bad just on that spot such that i pull my hair and by the next day, i begin to feel pain there from scratching and pulling...
Anybody knows what might be the cause?

because that is where the point is?

It may be a rash from a shampoo product u use.
See a doctor.

Maybe u have fleas.haha

Kady L
allergies perhaps?

Judas Rabbit
Lice.... just kidding use a good moisturizer

Do you get your hair colored alot. Mine itches alot because the haircoloring dries it. You might have a form of OCD-hair pulling. It is also good to change your shampoo and conditioner every once in a while.

♥Science Nerd♥
woah...ummm yeah i've never heard of all of this happening. do you have lice? maybe you should check that out and dont be offended when you read this. also you may have a hair or head condtition. idk my best guess is lice.

mom of 2
cause of itching; ; eczema; and psoriasis. Or you did you change shampoo or laundry detergent. If it itches more during the winter it could be eczema or psoriasis. Try a tar shampoo in the store if you think its that. Or try an organic shampoo and laundry soap for your pillows and see if that works. Last step go to the doctor if you think it could be anything else. (lice would itch your head all over and it would be ongoing)

Kaelyn Bradley
maybe the products u r using

Jay S
You need a shower

Are you allergic to the shampoo you use. Or conditioner. Maybe your not washing it out all the way. I think you could be majorly allergic to this kind of shampoo. See the doctor and check. They will give you mean time. In the mean time put ice on it and try not to pull as much. Good luck.

Juan A
I'm getting itchy just reading your question...I would see a doctor about this...have you tried changing shampoo...can someone look at it and see if it's lice...

it sounds like it could be several things, like folliculitis (infection of hair follicles), psoriasis, eczema, allergy or seborrhoeic dermatitis which is a sensitivity to the presence of excessive skin yeasts or just extremely bad dandruff, maybe try to look up some info on those things to see if any of them are similar to your problem, hope that helps

maybe you have ringworm, which isn't actually a worm but a skin condition

i dont know the cause but u should go get it checked out. Inform your doc and theyll prolly send u to a dermatologist. stop itching! and get there before u do go bald!

Jonathan J
don't wash ur hair every day, it's getting too dried out, all those chemicals are bad for it, wash it every other day, like they do in Europe, it's fine. and use conditioner or something to put moisture back into it.

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