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izz it izz it wickid
Do tatoo's swell??
I had a small tatoo on my foot yest!!

Its a little sore 2day, and looks a bit swollen, is this normal??

Its not swallon like a ballone or any thing but just a bit swollen!!

Pleas help with your idears

it is normal. Follow your after care instructions and quit obsessing over it. it will be fine.

Yes they do, it can take 7 - 10 days to go down

yes its normal, depending on the person and the area on the body, it will swell alittle.

thats normal

lydia manning
its normal, yes it will go away. in the meantime you can use Tylenol or ice to reduce swelling

Faith .
Yesh, they can go through some swelling. If the swelling remains for too long, I'd just get it checked out, though.

Dr Frank
Yes the initial reaction is likely to produce local swelling. Look out for any sign of spreading redness which would indicate infection.

Yes they do swell a little bit. It should be fine in a day or so. Just remeber to put bactatricine or a &d ointment on it a couple times a day. Oh and it will itch but do not scratch. It's gonna scab and flake a little too......this is normal. If you scratch it could mess up the design.

yup that's normal - ice will numb it & help the swealling

yes its normal dont worry

Mark C
A tattoo is best described as an injury to the skin, with any injury of this type you will experience swelling, this is quite normal, what you need to be aware of is that as it dries out you will experience an itchy feeling, DO NOT SRATCH IT!!!!! This may cause the scab to break away from where the design is and in turn remove part of the design.

Barbie Girl
Yeah itll be puffy for a bit, esp on your foot where theres no muscle or fat to cushion it. Keep it raised for a bit, that should help. Hope it was worth the soreness! :) xx

Kat Moonsstar
yes it normal. i have three and they all did it. try putting e45 cream on it, it helps speed up healing (store in the fridge)

Um yea, you just had a needle poking into your skin. I think it is normal to have some swelling.

There should not be any swelling. It may react like a slight bruise but should not be terribly noticeable. If it becomes more noticeable see a doctor not someone where you had the tattoo done.

Yes it's normal. You just had thousands of holes poked in your skin.

yes it is normal to swell a little, remember when applying cream do not use any perfumed or petroleum based solutions

I also gotten a tattoo on my foot and it did swell a little. It is pretty normal. Dont worry!!!

My friend got a tattoo on her foot near her toes. It didn't swell but she found it hard to wear shoes for a couple of days but that could have been more because of the scabbing. She also had one on her stomach and that did go a little bit raised and red for a couple of hours but it was definatly down the next day. It was literally a little redness and swelling in the shape of her tattoo. It shouldn't be anything to worry about I guess unless it does swell up too much.

I have 4 tattoos so I know that is normal. It usually looks like the skin under the tattoo is raised about 1/16 of an inch. It will go away.

they'll swell a wee bit, it should feel more raised then swollen, if you can get to a chemist get some Bepanthen Cream it will take the itch away and keep the tatt nice an moist for quick healing, also try to wear shoes as little as poss,

Bepanthen cream is an antiseptic cream with Vitamin B5, that soothes, heals and protects. Bepanthen is Gentle and effective for the relief nappy rash and mothers use in nipple care. Bepanthen and also be used in the treatment of: minor burns, cuts, abrasions, scalds,bites,stings,chapped hands, minor skin irritations and sunburn.

player 69
yeah its normal hahaha the first time i had a tatoo i was so scared i made ice out of vodka and put it on the swelling bit but now i got a few more and i know its normal

marie s
i had a tattoo on my foot too and that swelled up and was quite sore for a while, i have 7 tattoos and that was the worst!!
so yes its normal :)

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