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Could bathing in Clorox be harmful?
I use Clorox mixed with my water when I take a bath because I have escema and was told by my doctor that using it would help my skin. Could this, in any way, be harmful?

James S
do what the doctor says.Don't look to jesus for your treatment.

Just be sure you follow the proper mixture. clorox has very high ph so it dries the skin after washing with it. Excessive clorox may burn the skin!

BaBy DaNdOoN
if the doctor said to do it then do it

jayson o
yes bathing in clorox is harmful, jeez, are you dumb, that **** is dangerous, what the hell man, jeez that'll kill you, all the amonia and ****

wow i brushed my teeth with ajax when i was 4yrs old because i thought m teeth where made of the same material and my gums where wholey like swiss cheese and sore

has to many chemmicals

A teaspoon or so of Clorox in a bath won't hurt you but remember that chlorine gives off poisonous fumes so don't breathe it in an enclosed space.

Chuck P
Don't use bleach! It will not only tear up your skin and may cause irreversible problems but it will also eat away your plumbing. whenever using bleach always remember a little goes along way. Just put some on your finger tips, that slimy feeling is your skin getting eaten away.

Woa. Are you sure you got the directions right? That sounds awful. How about bathing with Epsom's salts?

Clorox can be very harmful, please stop using it if you are. Have you checked out your diet, is there something in your diet that might be triggering your flare ups, this is a proven fact that some foods will trigger eczema. Also, rid yourself of any drying agent, such as Clorox, soaps that are drying, too hot of showers, or baths, also if there is clorine in your water, unless your on a well. Keep your skin well moisturized, for soaps use Dove, and if the doctor gave you a steriod cream, use it after a bath. Make sure you only wear cotton material, other materials can aggrevate eczema and make you itch, which in turns makes it flare up. I hope this helps, it is a bothersome condition, I feel for you. Good luck!

Good Lord... stop doing that immediately. Try searching the net for a natural ingredient to add to your bath. That's not good at all.

Go to Whole Foods or any natural food store. Find Dr. Bronners Tea Tree Oil liquid soap. It isn't too expensive and a small bottle lasts a long time because it is concentrated. 9 times out of 10 this will fix eczema with regular use for about 3-4 weeks. One bleach bath won't hurt you.. but yes, over a period of time it is very harmful. Especially if there is steam rising from the bath, very bad for the lungs. Seems like your Dr. needs to go back to medical school.

i have never heard of the helping the skin, it makes it dryer, which is what you are tryin to get away from. My son has the same thing, we were told that the sun helps, mild lotions and mild soaps, and even changin what you wash your clothes in may help. try a diff dr. that doesn't sound safe.

I have eczema and have never been told to use Clorox in my bath water. I really do understand how this would help as chlorine is very drying to the skin and would make the eczema worse. I have heard of treating athelete's feet with bleach.

There is no ammonia in chlorine bleach. In fact if you mix the two you, it would cause a poisonous gas.

Schnurrbart, P.I.
On the contrary, the chlorine already in municipal drinking water could very well be the cause of your skin condition. You should buy filters to remove chlorine from your shower and sink, not bathe in the stuff. You'd better ask your doctor again to clarify or get a second opinion. http://ezinearticles.com/?Eczema-and-Chlorine&id=275750

The only thing I could imagine chlorine helping is if you were on well water with bacteria in it that was causing the eczema. They would've had to have tested the water before recommending adding chlorine though.

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