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Can you pop a keloid?
i got this little blister or bump that just appeared on my piercing on my ear i think its a keloid , i wanted to know what will happen if i try to pop it with a needle or something.

A keloid is a scar and if you damage it, it is likely to scar worse. Leave it alone and hopefully it isn't a keloid and will go away in time.

No you can't -- it has to be surgically removed. I got a keloid on my belly button when I got it pierced and it didn't heal properly. It is still there just smaller. But if I want it all the way gone, i'd have to see a doctor. A keloid is hard, so if it's not hard it might not be a keloid.

No, it's scar tissue so it is solid through and through.

Pam H
A keloid is scar tissue gone wild. Do not try to pop it as it will encourage further growth. Do not stick it with a needle, it will make it worse. You need to see a dermatologist.

The more you play with it the larger it will get

If it is a Keloid it will not "pop', it will only bleed and then probably form yet another scar. If it is a blister, it may pop but why not just go ask a doctor about it? Do not take a chance on another scar or an infection by doing this yourself.

good luck!

Dont! get it checked

Are u sure it's a keloid? Does it look like scar tissue? If so, there isn't much you can do about it. Even people that get surgery have them return 50% of the time.

Here is a pic of a large keloid

No no no no, dont try that.
Go to the doctors!!

no. If you try to it will get worse. Keloids are scar tissue. You might want to try to close the piercing and see if it goes away by itself.

Crofton S
It's probably not a great idea, but I can suggest using some H2Ocean up to 6 times a day to help the keloid heal. You can find it at your local piercer or online at h2ocean.com

Also, don't do anything to irritate that ear. Sleep on the other side, be careful with brushing/combing your hair, keep hair products off that ear, etc. etc.

No you can not "pop" it. It's SKIN, or scar tissue, and if you disturb it, it will continue to grow. I recommed that you never have plastic surgury or get any piercings or tattoos, or any thing that will cause your skin to grow scar tissue

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