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 I have big (open) pores on my face. I know u cant shrink them but is there a makeup to make em LOOK smaller?
I know there's nothing that will actually make them smaller, but I was just wondering if u guys know any kind of makeup that will at least make them appear smaller. thanks....

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 Will someone please make my sunburn go away!!!???

 What should i do? i get wetness under my arrms even in winters.?
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 How do you get rid off blisters?
i have occured a blister on my hand through gardening. Is there anyway I can get rid off it without it being infected?...

 My head itches!?!?!?help?
My scalp really itches.. even right after i take a shower and wash my hair it itches!! when i scratch an itch my finger becomes damp for some reason, and white brownish stuff ends up under my nail ...

 How can i get rid of blackheads in my nose?
i ve lots of blackheads in my nose its looks very bad i ve did lots of things to get rid of this but it didnt ...

 If you have fair skin and your neck is kind of brown, what does that mean?

 How do I get rid of freckles?
I have like billions of freckles. They are unique, but I don't want them anymore. Is there anyway I can get rid of them without surgical removment? Something that will make them go away fast ...

 What can I do for sore lips?

 How do you get rid of blackheads? Its driving me crazy?
I have blackheads all over my nose and I tried almost everything to get rid of them. I'm to scared to use Proactive because everyone says you breakout when you stop using it. I don't know ...

 Acne.....what should I do?
I have oily skin and no matter what i use, nothing seems to work. Ive been to the doc and the stuff he gave me just doesn't seem to help. I'm 16 and have had moderately bad acne for a while ...

Stress or diet related? Any suggestions on how to minimise it's appearance would be welcome too....

 How can i stop biting my nails and the skin around them?
ive been doin this since i was little and sometimes i bite them so much it hurts. I really want to stop doing it ive tryed all the nail the habit stuff but it doesnt work. My nails are starting to ...

 My whitehead started bleeding?
OK, well I had a whitehead on my face today, and today it started to bleed a little bit, but I didn't even touch it, it just started to bleed. Will it leave a scar?...

 I have very dry skin that iches all the time, regular lotions does not help, what do i use??

 My toenail is yellow with black spots. Has anyone had that? What is it?

 How do i loose my sunburn?
please tell me the best ...

 How to get paler skin?
I'm Vietnamese so my skin naturally tans every chance it gets. I would really love for a paler complextion. Are there any HEALTHY ways to get paler skin?

Thanks in advance....

 What can I use to get rid of really bad acne?
Okie I'm 16 and have had really horrible looking acne since I was 13 that's 4 yearz!!!! I am an active person that enjoy and love playing sports..but becouse of my acne I am 2 ambarass to ...

Can maggots get in a humans skin while they're still living?

No Name
id like some to crawl into my skin!

rasberry arizona iced tea
unless one crawls out of your garbage can at nite and goes upstairs to you room and gets on your bed and then goes down your thoat. so it probably cant lol

Dru B
no because they only go into rotting flesh so what there going into must be dead so i geuss they could it the blood flows been cut off from the apendige long enough

its like if the flys laid eggs on a sheep, in there matted fur, the fly eggs will hatch and maggots will eat the sheeps flesh whiles its still alive.

You'd have to be pretty grubby to have maggots in your skin. Ew.

yes but it doesn't happen very often. Usually they go in to eat the dead flesh from an injury. Many doctors use it even in the US because the maggots won't eat the living skin.

Ashley A
I think they can because some people eat them without even knowing they are in their food until its too late.

yes they can actually get into your skin but they usually only likeeating dead skin even some doctors use maggots to clean out open wounds with deadskin

Chrissy S
Yeah, but they only EAT dead flesh. And Mr. X is right about the bot fly. I saw that on cracked.com! lol

I know they are used by doctors for open wounds that need to be cleaned of infection.

Maybe I am the only person answering who has had one? I live in Kenya and I had what we call a 'Mangoe Worm'..a larvae that gets into your skin from an egg laid by the Mangoe fly, usually on your clothes out on the washing line. Ironing usually kills such eggs but some can be missed. Common places to appear are the back of the neck and in my case, the band of the underwear so I had this sort of boil on my lower belly! I squeezed it while in my bath and out pops a maggot...I placed it on edge of bath and it crawled like a real good maggott. The 'boil' actually has a small airhole thru which it breathes. I have heard that by covering this hole with Vaseline and blocking its air supply, the creature will pop its ugly head out! Never tried this.


I think so but only in certain environments and under certain conditions, for instance if your feet are constantly wet in the rainforest.

Not everyday type maggots from house flies and such. There are however certain types in certain areas that can, such as Bot Flies.

They normal house flies may cling to you, but they do not typically dwell inside of wounds. Bot flies actually grow and thrive inside peoples flesh.



I think so.

If a fly lands on exposed flesh.

yes, the hospital actually harvests sterile maggots for burn patients to eat the dead skin.

yes, and some surgeons use them to remove necrotic tissue.

Michael D
Yes. In fact, the Chinese used maggots to clean out open wounds.

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