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 Can toothpaste make acne marks go away?
well everyone says toothpaste works for pimples but does it heal acne marks??
and if so, what toothpaste can i use? anyy?...

 Why don't our lips get sunburned?
recently got sunburned...noticed my lips weren't...then realized that my lips have never been ...

 What are some signs of ingrown toenails?
I think I have one or am starting to get one, because the big toe on my right foot has started to hurt on one side of the nail, but I'm not sure.

What are some ways to prevent/treat ...

 What type of shampoo is best for dandruff?

 Steps to reduce acne?
have sensetive skin and many things seem to flare up my acne on my cheeks. i have a week off college next week before i go on holiday and i am willing not to go out at all and completely concentrate ...

 My hands are dry, red, and cracked and they really hurt...what is the best lotion for this?
My hands are always soft. This has never happened before..I think it is due to the cold weather here in the midwest. Please help :-)...

 I have stinky feet, what can I do about it?
My feet are always stinky and sweaty, is there anything I can do about it?...

 I sweat during school and I get embarrassed?
I sweat a lot during school. My palms, feet, and underarms are the parts that sweat the most. I don't know what to do and I do not want to get surgery because I am only 15. What should I do. P...

 What is best for Incect bites relief! I can't stop it itching!?
I was bitten on the leg at rugby training on Tuesday and the bite has swollen up, almost half my leg is red and it's hot! (I've been told by a friend it's probably a horsefly bite!)

 What do you do to reduce the pain and duration of cold sores?

Additional Details
One came up yesterday and I had to put this helmet on! It hurts so much and I have a big event to go to this weekend....

 Really Bad Acne Please Help!?
Ok so I'm 12 yrs old and I have really bad acne I tried using Differin but all it did was make my skin really dry and now I'm using Nuetrogena Oil-free acne wash and it's doing ok. D...

 Why are my armpits black?
I have dark hair, which means my underarm hair is dark as well. But when i remove the hair under my arms there's still an ugly black color. my friend noticed it, and it was really embarrassing. ...

 I get terrible sores on my inner thighs when I walk they bleed and seep puss how can I stop them?
I have tried bandages and talcum powder.
Also I am getting a really nasty rash where my leg and private parts meet. its only on the left hand side, it gets terribly itchy and I admit sometimes I ...

 Armpit sweating plz help
im 13 and ive pretty much been through puberty and well i sweat wayyyyy too much i can just be sitting at home and ill have sweat spots on my shirts and it bothers me cuz i like to wear hoodies and ...

 Best zit curing product?
It can also be something around the house. I tried toothpaste and it didn't really work for me....

 I have a very bad sun burn help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
i just rturn back from califora in semona valley i come from arizona but was out in the sun a lot i went to a family reunion and assumed it was indoors but it wasnt i have some on my arms, all over ...

 I have boils in the groin and they have beein oozing for months, what do I do to get rid of them?

 What is the best natural cure for acne?
Hi, what is the best natural cure for acne? I have already tried coconut oil, what are others?

 Does urine really help control acne?

 Help i have tried everyting!!!!!?
im a teenager and have relatively bad acne.i hav tried all sorts of creams but to no avail!!i have heard of anti-biotics called tetracycline, should i ask the doctor for these because it is ruining ...

Can a person live without skin?
Also, how does skin work with other systmes to keep the body healthy?

15 & Loving It!
Well, skin protects every part of your body. Without skin, all sorts of bacteria can get into your body. Even by simply touching a paper towel without skin could damage everything. If one doesn't have skin, you could live for a very short amount of time, because very quickly their whole body will get infected.

No you can't because...

It protects your body from viruses,bacteria, etc.
and you use it to breath. < yes I'm pretty sure your skin breaths. xD

skin is the biggest organ in the body I beleive so NO i think

Nope! Skin is a organ and its very important. It helps protect bacteria, dirt, dust, and other stuff from coming inside our body.

No because it protects the body from diseases and it keeps oxygen from leaking outside the body. It also protects it from damage.

no. skin is your largest organ and your bodies first defense against germs.

nate n
no, not only will they be susceptible bacteria, but the skin is also used for protection against piercings.

If a person is circumcise and still living, then the answer is yes!

Who would want to live without skin???? YUCK! whether you can or not, if i lose all my skin pls bullet me in back of head...LOL.

But for sure you cannot..infections and such. even burn victims have to be wrapped up to keep infections away. Of course we are talking over an extended period of time...

your a dead set tool

This is an interesting question, but I believe the answer is no, you cannot live without skin. It works with the endocrine system, respiratory system, basically all systems need skin to protect, cool down, heat, and hold everything together, in a sense. Like, without skin your blood would be everywhere and there would be no structure (except for your skeleton, which would rot from all the outside world grossness). Without blood, you wont get oxygen anywhere due to no transportation of O2 from the blood. lala, yep.

♥rachel♥ =]
I don't think someone could live without skin.

Skin?Already gone through 3,so now I'm on number four. Think I'll pull back from this question, lmao! ;-)

Johnny the real santa
w/o skin, we will die. Because skin protects us from sickness. Skin protects us from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. It protects us from abuses if someone punch us or something. It gives color in our body. Skin is our protector.

it keeps germs out so probably for only a couple of weeks

No you can't live w/o skin. Skin keeps veins, and arteries in place, and protects other vital organs. Skin also absorbs vitamin C from the sun.

our skin is like a sheild protects our bodies from invaders/germs!!!!!!!!

A person cannot live without skin. It is their barrier to the outside world. It protects them from water, dirt, and bacteria.

The skin is an organ that protects everything inside you. It's like the plastic on a coca cola in a big pop bottle. You can't hold the coke inside without the plastic. The skin keeps some germs and bacteria out, and protects the blood, muscles etc. from getting out and moving too much.

If a person had no skin they would die from all of the pollutents and chemicals in the air


city girl
No! Yes immune systems to keep bad things like bacteria out

Mami Chula
no flesh gets infected with bacteria

Kaye Em Dee
all these answer just about said it all! bahaha.

no, you would not be able to live without skin. skin is considered an organ. it helps keep out bacterial and viral infections, not to mention dust, dirt, etc.

no...the muscles are not enough to control air pressure around us...

~dEadLy wHispEr~

you really can't live w/o skin, it's a barrier to protect your body

You would lose all your blood if you didn't have skin.

No, you would die of infection. The skin keeps the bugs out.

The skin produces sweat, which cools the body, has nerve receptors which works with the brain to tell u if there's pain, protects u from the sun and diseases. The skin is so important i don't think u could live without it. It's an organ on its own!

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