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 Why is my skin starting to become dry?
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 How long will it take for my scars to fade away?
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 Under my son's nose is red and sore from blowing it. Any ideas to soothe it? Nothing that will burn, please!

Additional Details
I just wanted to thank everybody for the great answers. Right now I'm going to try the neosporin since i have it on hand, but honestly, they're all great ...

 I was sat at the computer and glanced down at my arm, and my mole was bleeding, should i be concerned?
What Shall I Do, im ...

 ZITS helpppppppp!!!?
My face is swormed with zits!!!! i dont have any pimples, but my forhead and only my forhead is covered in zits. Any advice on what I could use or make at home!! Besides proactive lol!...

 Do u pick ur nose and eat it?? (cause i do)?

 What would cause dark circles under a 5yr old childs eyes?

 Please help me find out what I have?
I have this thing right under my eyebrow that appeared out of nowhere. It looks like a pimple (as nasty as that could sound) except it doesnt go away ! and it has like a little hole in the middle. <...

 How do I get rid of eczema?
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 Do u think my foot is...?
do you think my foot is to big??????? thats wat she said. And he called me fat. Y would he do that? Could ya'll ton me?...

 What is this red "bump" on my face?
Okay, this red "bump" is on my face. I have had it here for over a year. I am too scared to go to the doctor to get it checked out... I also don't have the money to waste if they just ...

 Werid question about zits?
I rarely get zits on my face but is it normal to get zits on your upper legs. yea ha....

 Anyone know any cures for sweaty underarms???
sweaty all the time can't wear shirts with with sleaves because they get wet i need help what can i do?...

 What can I use to get rid of an itchy, flakey scalp?
My scalp is really itchy and flakey at the moment. It's not like normal dandruff it's more like a crust on my scalp. I've tried special shampoos. Can anyone help?...

 I have got some sort of spot under my eye and it isnt a zit so what could it be?
its faded red and looks like a zit or a spot but it isnt as its rock solid and i cant squeeze anything out of ...

 My daughter's lips are always dry. How can I improve ?
She is 7 years old and her lips are dry (sometimes with skin peeling off).
I applied some moisture lipstick but can only lasted for a short time.
Is there anything she could take and did ...

 How do get ride of acne in about 2-3 weeks ?? just in time for school?
its my highschool years now.. and i really want this acne to go away.. im 14 years old and i've tried evrything in the store.. got any good ideas that worked on you ???...

 What is the best and cheapest way to get rid of stretchmarks?
i have them like everywhere!!...

 How do prevent getting a rash 'down there'?

Additional Details
i shower every day as i have swimming training every day....

 Has anyone every had ring worm? How did u get rid of it?

Can I spread ringworm to people?
I was diagnosed today and started treatment. Can I still go to work tomorrow, or should I wait 3 more days until it is no longer contagious?
Additional Details
Can I spread it if I share a workstation(phone, keyboard)?

ring worm is very common, easy to catch from puppies and children who's hygiene is not as good as ours. Its easy to treat with a power that you mix and drink bought from your pharmacy treat the whole family two doses and continue with basic hygiene washing your hands after using the bathroom

ringfworms are HIGHLY contagious, you can do to work if you can put a bandage over the ringworm. The are pasted person to person very easyly. So you need to make sure you use the medications for as long as you are suppose to, wash your hands alot and keep it covered.

Ringworm is infectious. It is best that you stay home.

Rich C
Why would you want to do that? Not nice spreading ringworm.

Apparently ringworm is highly contagious and you should be quarantined for a minimum of 5 days

Montee P
Yes, you can spread ringworm, however, if you cover it up and wash your hands after touching it ( rubing or puting oiment on it)
You could go to work.

Ringworm is contagious. It can be passed from one person to the next by direct skin-to-skin contact or by contact with contaminated items such as combs, unwashed clothing, and shower or pool surfaces. You can also catch ringworm from pets that carry the fungus. Cats are common carriers.
The fungi that cause ringworm thrive in warm, moist areas. Ringworm is more likely when you have frequent wetness (such as from sweating) and minor injuries to your skin, scalp, or nails.
Ringworm usually responds well to self-care within 4 weeks without having to see a doctor.
Please see the webpages for more details on Ringworm.

No excuse for skiving work. Unless you're in intimate contact with your colleagues or exchange clothing they're unlikely to catch it from you. Even if they do it's easily treated (and not really serious). Take precautions like not using a communal towel or sharing overalls.

if you're in food service please do the right thing and STAY home!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes it is contagious. It really depends what work you do I suppose...if you are in direct physical contact with people then I'd probably ask the doctor.

I should think that as long as you keep clean and feel well enough to do so, then you are perfectly fine to go to work.

Ring worm is contacted by direct skin to skin contact. You may go to duty.

Ringworm is a contagious fungus infection that can affect the scalp, the body, the feet (athlete's foot), or the nails.

People can get Ringworm from: 1) direct skin-to-skin contact with an infected person or pet, 2) indirect contact with an object or surface that an infected person or pet has touched, or 3) rarely, by contact with soil.
Ringworm can be treated with fungus-killing medicine.
To prevent Ringworm, 1) make sure all infected persons and pets get appropriate treatment, 2) avoid contact with infected persons and pets, 3) do not share personal items, and 4) keep common-use areas clean.

yes you can spread it so stay at home

I'm not sure...I think your best solution is to ask your doctor. Tell him exactly what you just wrote and see how it goes. I hope you will feel better soon, take care.

Deviant ART
Of course you should wait 3 more days or you will probably be fired for spreading the ringworm to another people.Trust me.Job don't grow on tree you know.

you can go, as long as you dont work where you will come into contact directly with the other people!!

if you put your fingers in your bum and don't wash? Yeah you can...

Go Wing's
All you need to know is YES !!! If you had a kid in school they would make you pull the kid out until it's healed.. take the link below to find out how to treat. And how it is spread..

Yes, you can spread it to people and no, you shouldn't go to work tomorrow. Just wait until it at least dies down or is almost gone.

London Girl
You can only get it if someone touches your skin where the ring worm is. So as long as you don't come into direct contact others will no catch it.

Carry C
You may go back to work as long as you have started treatment for your condition. But.....if you wanted the extra time off you could tell your employer you need to make sure the antifungal cream has taken affect so you won't be exposing your co-workers to possible infection lol.

You do NOT have to have direct skin to skin contact to spread ringworm, so it might be best if you took a few days off. I know someone who got ringworm on her stomach and didn't know how she got it. The Dr. told her that she could have gotten it from brushing up against something that someone with ringworm could have brushed up against. Make sure you continue the treatment even after the ringworm appears to be gone, it should be used for several weeks I believe. If you stop treatment too soon it will come right back.

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