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 My wife has ....er...rash.....down-un...
nothing has changed in our life...NOTHING!!
and it's NOT thrush!!

she has uncontrolable itching!!!!!!!!

what could it be?

Serious question!!

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 I know someone with toe nail fungus is there something they can purchase from Wal-mart or somewhere similar?
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 What do acne scars look like? Do I have them?
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pink lady
Can I buy antibiotic cream over the counter?
I have got a spot on my face, which appears to have become infected. I don't think it is worth bothering the doctor with, so is there any antibiotic cream that I can buy from the chemist?
Additional Details
I am in england

wisdom girl
where there is a will there's always a way

personaly i dont think so

you can get a Hydrocortisone cream and you don't even need to get it over the counter. low dose Hydrocortisone creams work well for minor skin issues and you can just find them in the aisles. if that works, you don't need to bother with the doc. but if it not, you should go see your doc. remember to keep the area clean and don't pick at. good luck!

meb a
well if its infected see a dr.

mexican leona

Maria L
try clearisel or just ask for cream to prevent spots in chemist they usually do trick the people in chemist may be able reccomend a suitable one or if ya need to see doctor

No. Prescription only. If it's infected SEE A DOCTOR.

yes klog is one but wash and use baby lotion might help better.

Sherry L

yup definitely you can get it over the counter at any rite aid

no. antibiotics in any form cant be bought over the counter in the uk, u could try an antiseptic cream but if that doesnt work u will need to see doc unfortunately

Outspoken but Honest
NO what you want is an antiseptic cream

Yes, it's called Neosporin. I'd see a doctor though to make sure it isn't something worse.

try this:

yes a lot, but if you don't want to see a doctor ask the pharmacist which one he would recommend for you.

yes but, if it ngets worse see the doctor

Yes, they sell antibiotic ointment in the stores.

In the U.S.A. Yes you can. I am not sure where you live but ask the druggist.

There's a whole aisle of over the counter antibiotic creams, gels,sprays,etc. Ask your druggist for a good one, but remember one of the signs of cancer is a sore that won't heal so keep that in mind, because you may want to see a Doctor to be on the safe side!

Sugar S
You can't buy antibiotics over the counter - strictly prescriptions only. what you can do is go to the chemist/pharmacy and ask the pharmacist what you can use - try boots as they are usually clued up and not the person stacking the shelves the actual pharmacist in the white coat other than that you will have to visit the doctor - unless you can speak to them over the phone and they can recommend a cream that you can buy over the counter

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