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 I have rubbed over my acne and scars are formed what should i do to get rid of them....?
its a big scar on my forehead any suggestions plzzz....?
i am using aloe vera and honey on my skin...but its not getting off.......its been more than a month...need help!!!...

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 Im embarrassed about going to the doctors!!?
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 I have bad acne and want a cheap solution. Please help me!?
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 What is the best way to soothe irritating sunburn?
I get sunburned a lot and I was wondering if there was a better way to heal and make it feel more comfortable?...

 Dry skin, what could i use?
i have realy dry skin and i have tryed just about every lotion or moistureizer, what can i use to help my dry skin thats not a lotion?...

 I'm itchy all over, a hurting itch, what is this?
Well the excema on my arms started to itch really bad, so bad that it hurt a little. And now I'm itching all over! It kinda hurts but it's annoying, I'm trying to do my school work! ...

brown eyes
Burnt face on sunbed??
How can I get rid of the redness on my face, as I have burned on a sunbed??

scented rose
Burn the sunbed ,and leave your face alone as nature intended.' dangerous thing's '

Ditch the sunbeds they make you look like an old saddle and cause cancer is a tan worth that ???
natural yoghurt is very good for sunburn but make sure you rinse it oof properly or you'll be smelly

It will go. But sunbeds are bad, you'll look like a piece of tanned old leather by the time you're 28 and have increased your risk of skin cancer as well. I'm all for pale and interesting!

Massage gently with extra virgin olive oil as often as you can. Put on a good bit at night and protect your pillow with a towel. It may help to reduce long term damage to the skin. Please stay off the sunbed. I've had two family members with melanoma - one, my dad has passed on as a result. You don't want to get that.There's so much really good fake tanning stuff now, it's unnecessary to risk a horrible disease to get a tan.

Karl H
nothin unless u cover it up with some make-up till it cools down

a p
smear your face with vaseline and use eye Drops for your eyes hope you feel better soon.

i suggest plenty of soothing cream for burn......also foundation will help

40,000 cases of skin Cancer in the UK each year. If you escape the cancer you will get premature ageing. If you are concerned about your image why not consider fake tanning products.

Vaseline will get you over the radiation burn that you have sustained from the sun bed!

Good luck


BIN THE SUNBED. I never sunbath, yet got skin cancer. they took a lump of flesh out, one inch deep, size of hamburger, see the scars.....does nothing for my bikini line.....i'm-Clear, i was lucky.

voodoo chilled
dont use your sunbed again fool! in the meantime drink lots of fluids and use something like after sun on your face or Calamine lotion

Firstly don't go on the beds anymore!
Vitamin E oil/cream or anything containing Aloe Vera, but failing that a cold compress and plenty of moistriser.
If you want colour get a spray tan!

Aloe Vera Gel if you don't have the plant get aloe Vera gel at drug store. Lots and lots of aloe, 8, 10, 15, 20 times a day. Lots and lots of aloe Vera. You cannot over do it.

Pressure Cooker blew up in my face, had 1st and 2nd degree burns, used aloe as said and I have no scars. Aloe Vera is a miraculous medical plant.

Use lots and lots of it.

plenty of moisturiser and overnight rest, you`ll be ok tomorrow morning,

just don`t do as many minutes next time!

ahhhhhhh do not use sunbeds they are not good for you...........

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