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 How do I get rid of these red dots on my legs?
is there a a way? what causes it? please help? I can't wear skirts and shorts cz of it!! and I want to!! so any advice?
Additional Details
I dont shave no. I dont think I sweat ...

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 Have you ever used aloe vera?
Its very good....

 Acne at 16???
well ive had acne since like 13..i use differin wich works quite well for me dispite the horro stories ive heard of it...i also shave lightly with an electric razor to avoid razor bumps...i ...

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 Do i have meningitus OR a shaving rash...?
- Im worried as, i have this rash on my leg which i think appeared after i shaved?
- but it looks similar to this image from a medical site about meningitus: http://msdadmin.scican.net/central3/...

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 My heals are really dry. Does anyone have a suggestion???
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 Bellybutton smell?
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 I hear you all but yes ive tried Oilatum, diprobase all doctors prescribed meds,?
Think about it if you have eczema its difficult to cope with it, you get people staring at you. Put it this way my uncle had it worse than me and he went to Turkey to go in mud baths now its gone, im ...

 Acne, wont go away!??
so what can i do? its not real bad, but i dont like it so what should i do?...

 How to get rid of a horrible zit??
ok i know this sounds gross but
i have a huge red zit on my nose and
i want to get rid of it before school starts.
i tried putting on some acne cream i have
but it's still ...

 I use Retin-A on my face but can't get rid of these acne scars. Does anybody have a remedy???
I don't have severe acne and my scars aren't pits... just red and ugly. HELP!!...

Bumps between your legs?
I get these pimple like bumps in between my legs where they kinda rub together, they hurt when i walk and my legs rub together. does anyone have this problem or know anything?

Araya Starshine
chubby chafe! don't worry about it. put lotion on it or something.

ya..its called chaffing. there is a product that u can put on ur legs like a lotion, and it helps prevent that

I have that problem too! I find that it helps to put lotion on them!

I HAVE THAT TOO!! i was beginning to think somethign was wrrong with me?? But my mom said its just chaffing because its where the legs rub together, but it doesnt really hurt me that much i dont think its anything to worry about, i get them on my underarms too

One solution for women is to choose long leg undergarments, it will keep the legs from rubbing together.

Sounds like irritation or a rash caused by chafing.

Now... assuming from your SN, I'm having to gather you're a guy.. so don't be embarrassed, but there IS a product for this...

Soothing Care Skin Protectant is made by the Monistat company, but it's made specifically to relieve chafing on thighs. It's carried at any sort of drug store (Walgreens, CVS..)

Linda J
It could possibly be heat rash.

i have this, i cant recommend anything as i suffer from them , the only other thing i do is put sudocreme (for nappy rashes) on it at night and to wear these shorts made of the same material as tights when i wear skirts. hope you find a cure, i will be watching this for an answer!!

Amy B
Not to scare you, but there is a disease out there that can cause this...its called hidradenitis suppurativa, and it also can appear on your armpits,groin, abdomen,and under breasts. if you have these bumps in one of more of these places, i would suggest seeing a dermatologist.

hey ya i get those too! its called chaffing it happens to almost every one dont listen to the people who say its becuz ur 2 fat its not true at all and usally when i am wet and have been walking around a lot just put some lotion or wear longer shorts.

NY Lady
i have that somtimes, i am not sure what casues it, but if a wash it a lot and scrub it, and the apply acne medication on hem, it clears up after like a day.

Sound like either a heat rash or just clogged pores or hair follicles. Like you said it happens where your legs rub together. Anywhere moisture sit and skin rubs together can cause some form of a rash. I would suggest if it is tender to use some kind of powder or lotion to relieve it. This is very common BTW.

If your thighs rub together that means you're too fat. You don't need lotion for it, you need to lose some weight.

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