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 I have absolutely TERRIBLE eczema on my elbows and knees/legs...?
What do you find to be the best remedy for it? I've used creams that make it look better, but don't stop the itching, which is what I have the most problem with, as I often make myself ...

 How do you get rid of dandruff?
My friend has this dandruff its disgusting he was wondering how he can remove it with home remedies or anything else....

 My girl has alot of acne on her face. HELP!!!!!?
she has pimples and black heads all over her face! Before she had pimples i loved her to death and now that she has pimples i don't feel that atteracted to her any more! why? any ideas to help ...

 Why do you use soap during shower?

 How do i get rid of my acne?
I have used everything..... proactive nuetragena clearasil. nothing works..

how can i get it to go away and stay away???...

 How hard is it to pop mosquito bites?

 An easy acne treatment?
well i woudnt say i have acne but sometimes to fo get pimples and black heads and white heads and i just want to no if enybody has eny good acne treatments that will really ...

 How do i get my whiter skin back?
i worked at this job for amost 2 years under the california sun. it made me darker! how can i bring back my whiter skin back/back faster? or is it permanent now? are they any other options with ...

 What cheap over the counter remedy can you use for overly dry feet?

Additional Details
It's not an infection, That's been checked, they are so dry that they stick to everything they ...

 How can you tell if a mole is cancerous?

 I think i have dirty skin?
i have like lines and dots on my legs aand its all different colors. i bathe twice a day with too much soap and it doesnt help. what should i do?? any good products?? what are some good exfoliators ...

 Acne problem?
Okay, I have ugly blackheads and pimples all over my face, I use those acne pads that smell like achol, and sometimes it works, but sometimes it doesn't...is there anything I could do?...

 How to get rid of a cold sore.?nasty one.?

 A few questions about healing a sunburn?
Yesterday, I was swimming at my friends house and I got sunburnt on my shoulders a little on my face. Is there any way I got keep it from peeling and make it heel faster?...

 Peeling Off Your Skin After Sunburn?
Ok so I am doing this now, but I have a question, is there any health concerns with doing this. Because my skin now is brown and is so dry and It is just irresistable, I just have to peel it. If I ...

 Cover a small wound or let it stay exposed to open air?
Info please, I get confused hearing some folks say, after initial treatment leave a small cut or wound on the hands, arms, etc... open to the air so it can heal, others say, keep it covered, is there ...

 Is acne contagious?
I'm just wondering....

 Help me remove this thing on my nose plz !!!?
Guys, i am scared.

2 months ago, i had this pretty big pimple or zit or w/e, idk what u call it but ......... it was big and red on my nose.
i felt soo embarrased.
Neways ... i ...

 What is the piece of skin between the nostrils called?

i know this sounds discusting or weird, but, i have these red blotchy patches coming outta no where on my back, on top of my left breast, under my arm but above my armpit. it doesnt itch, but it kind ...

Blemish... What do they mean?
Some products are known for stating anti-blemish. What are blemishes really? Are they acne? Or post-acne? How about spots? Will anti-blemish products work for scars? As in new scars after the acne has blown.

anti blemishis are thosw which destroy Antibacterial fungus whick can cause cancer and STDs .



Blemishes are considered acne. Anti-blemish products will prevent pore clogging and acne. It will not help existing scars. For scars you want to put Vitamin E, or Mederma. It will help the scars go away. Be sure to wash your face in conjunction with the scar fighting stuff to prevent break outs or pore clogging!

Joe Z
anti blemish treatments are usually made up of acids to dry out a pimple and close your pores, they do not treat post acne scars. You need a scar tratment like Mederma or a dermatologist for that.

impurities and irregularities of any kind on your skin

I <3 Dr. Phil
yeah acne and scars

Haiku S
A blemish typically refers to any type of skin discoloration which can occur from acne or the scarring that may come a long with it. Yes, anti-blemish products are designed to diminish the appearance of these things a long with others, such as scratches and superficial cuts.

No, they will not do anything to make scars less noticeable. Blemishes are merely pimples or acne at various stages.

any discoloration of skin is a blemish , scars are different and nothing works for scars ,

lol, to be blunt...

♫¤ღy!α pRıη⊂εςς HATES PRETEENS
A blemish is a pimple (zit). It will not treat scars. There are products for that.

Neutrogena Visibly Even Daily Moisturizer

I've also heard of castor Oil, Vitamin E oil, baking soda, and lemons working too.

Zits! Not scars. Sadly, the only thing you can use for scars is just Neosporin or scar...treatment..stuff.
Anti-Blemish just means that it's anti-more-zit-making.

Blemish are equal to pimples!!!

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