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Any ointment that can make a scab disappear quicker?
i have a scab on my face,,
a few, to be exact :/
do you know any ointment to make it disappear in about a week? or even less? THANKYOU~

i had a bad one on my face thats cleared up with no scar,i had been using a sea Kelp scrub in the shower on it and before bed washing with it again,and i put Neosporin on it with a qtip every time i was in/around the bathroom (i leave it on the counter so i dont forget)

rub in petroleum jelly everyday it softens and loosens the scab without causing a scar.. i do the same for tattoos..it protects against germs at the same time.. try it, it really works. everyday as you add it on a small piece will come away without picking it though! it lifts off on its own..

leave it to dry out then when it falls off put aloe vera on it to help strengthen the skin x

John & Shona C
from a plook?

or a spot for the uninitiated!

larnaca cream - think thats the name.....


vitamin a+d ointment, Neosporin, Sunscreen with broad Spectrum protection to prevent hyperpigmentation...i also like utilizing 2% Salicylic Acid as a nightime treatment to accelarate cellular renewal.


Eucerin Work so well

mederma and bio oil

You can use any of the following ointments. Aloe vera, antibiotic ointment , Vitamin E. oil. or just plain ole Vaseline.

Shelly N
Burt's Bees ResQ ointment. It is awesome. I carry it with me always. It comes in a small green tin. It heals quickly and relieves some of the pain in the mean time.

no but i have the same problem..good luck!

I dont know how to make them go away faster, I just came here to see if anyone else did. but i do know that taking proper Daily Vitamins will help things along.

neosporean it comes in a small tube the color is green and yellow

I know, I know!!!!
Use Neosporin or a similar antibiotic ointment. It will help speed the healing time plus reduce scarring.

I was in a car accident years ago and my face got cut up pretty badly. I have no visible scars from it. My doc told me to keep the Neosporin on the wounds all the time and never let them dry out.

good luck to you!

Wait until it comes off on its own, the scab is your body's way of healing/protecting your skin from further infection

use gamat or Sea Cucumber base product..use malaysian product that from langkawi island..many benefits for skin..not only to wipe off the scar...also can heal wound n more skin problems..
u can come to langkawi island,malaysia to see the "gamat" by urself..
the price is still cheap now..but the price will arise in the future..

Neopsporin will do the trick

Natural aloe vera direct from the plant works. You can find that at some grocery stores. Mederma is the best though. Keep in mind the older the scar, the longer it takes. But you must apply 1-2x's a day. I had abdominal surgery. I put mederma there and my doctor could not see the incision.


Loving the hate. Bring it on.
cocoa butter and anything with Vitamin E or aloe. It helps with scar or try mederma (check spelling)

Make sure it isn't impetigo.

Unless you have impetigo which requires prescription strength antibiotics to heal,

Putting natural aloe vera gel (from a live plant) on them and letting that dry, then folllowing that with a 50-50 blend of Vitamin E and triple Antibiotic cream (one brand is Neosporin) should do the trick.

Just mix the contents of one Vitamin E gel capsule with an equal amount of Neosporin, and apply that to the scabs. If you can't afford these products, or have a large area to treat, then petroleum jelly also works. But it doesn't work as fast!

And don't rub, scratch, or pick at the scabs. If you have an irresistible compulsion to do so, cover them with the littlest round band aids (in clear, so they are less obvious).

Mederma, Vitamin A&D cream, Cocoa butter, Sunscreen, or Salicylic Acid based exfoliating products should not be used on broken skin such as scabs, but they do help the scar (if any) to fade, once the scab falls off. They are great products to use at that stage of healing.

And don't forget to drink at least 8 12-oz glasses of water per day, eat plenty of lean protein, seeds and nuts, and take a Multivitamin with Vitamin E in it. Your body needs water, protein and Vitamin E (found in seeds & nuts) to heal skin damage.

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