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I don't have a g/f right now but I'm a virgin and would like to protect myself.
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i was jw
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 Another persons dried blood on my hands. should i be concerned?
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What std's cause you to burn after you pee?
I have chronic urinary tract infections have had them since I was like 9.. waaay before I started my period!! but anyways.. I went to the doctor and I got my urine tested and I have a lil infection in it and she gave me antibiotics.. and she said that if it still doesnt go away that I might have a std and come back.. what stds could it be?? im really worried!! (also my bf has had burning before)

shaleen A

Vamp Raver
Go Back To The Gynacologist.

Crunchy Sweet

Yeast infections can also cause burning when you pee (it makes your skin irritated). You can get yeast infections from the antibiotics. I always have to get Diflucan when I get antibotics.

here is a site that you should check out it will really answer your question. good luck!!

Becky P
Gonorrhea and Chlamydia are the most common that can cause a buring sensation. USE CONDOMS.....

gonherra or chylmidia...chylmdia makes u hurt also when u pee....

brooke s
I dont know???? thats really weird.I would of said that the muscle that contracts after urination is not contracting back and thats why u keep getting them my moms doesnt work either and she gets a uti after every period.I'd get a second option.

Animal Helper
It could be a number of things. urinary Tract infections can cause burning but so can herpes and many others. You should try to eat plain yogurt with live active cultures, drink some pure Cranberry juice (no sugar added). increase your water intake and cut out all sugar. see if this helps.
i know this can be miserable and i am sorry you are going through this but

Michael H
Clap or ghonorrea. You can get rid of both of them. Sorry!

I wouln't flip out yet. I had cronic Becteria infections for about 15 years. Discovered it was from sugar. Doctors made me feel like I had some kind of disease. Your cronic infections could be from something you are injesting. The burning could be a yeast infection caused from the antibiotics. They will for sure give you yeast infections

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